A GoPride Interview

DJ Joe Gauthreaux

DJ Joe Gauthreaux returns live and in-person to Hydrate for the first time in over year

Fri. June 11, 2021  by GoPride

I am so excited to finally play at one of my favorite clubs in the world.
DJ Joe Gauthreaux

In the nearly 15 months since the pandemic shut down the country and altered daily life, nightlife as it was before the coronavirus has not been possible.

Hydrate Nightclub was shuttered on March 16, 2020.

As of June 11 clubs in Chicago can again operate at full capacity. And, Hydrate is ready to bring back the beats as DJ Joe Gauthreaux (pronounced GO TROW) returns on Saturday — a first in over a year!

GoPride.com talked with DJ Joe Gauthreaux before he arrives in the Windy City.

GP: Wow! What are year? How does if feel to be back in-person?

JG: Hey there, thank you for talking with me. I am so excited to finally play at one of my favorite clubs in the world.

GP: Is this your first live event since the pandemic?

JG: I’ve played a few events at home in Atlanta. 

GP: You’ve become a favorite of Chicago crowds, is the Windy City a top destination for you?

JG: For me, I love Chicago because I feel like it’s the truest representation of the gay nightlife scene at any moment.

You’re centrally located, with lots of different people from all walks of life with very different tastes sometimes, getting along and getting along well. 

As a DJ that’s really fun to play to because I like exploring lots of areas in a DJ set. I DJ for 5 hours each time I play at Hydrate, and I’m able to cover a lot of area thanks to the crowd being so open and diverse.

GP: Describe your sound in a sentence or two.

JG: Big room beats with heart and soul.

GP: What can people expect this weekend at Hydrate?

JG: The unexpected. I try to surprise people, who have heard me often, with something they wouldn’t expect, or think they want, but enjoy it. That always feels good.

GP: How do you spend your free time?

JG: Playing with my dog, Taylor. He’s changed my life in so many ways.

And I started a Patreon last year (Patreon.com/djjoeg), so that takes up a good amount of my free time. I’m so glad though. It’s been a great outlet to share music I want to share but can’t because of the way the global circuit is designed today.

GP: Why can’t you share the music you want?

JG: I’ll give you an example. Song Kran, the ‘white party’ of Asia, used to hire me to DJ every other year for over 10 years. Massive events. Then, I made a record with a peer that was not in line with what my big room sound is.  I thought I was being creative and showing a different color. Overnight, they assigned a pigenhole for me, threw me in & welded it shut. This is not speculation - the promoter of the event told me I was no longer appropriate to DJ their event.  Even though I was one of the top DJs at VIVA in NYC then, playing to almost 2,000 people each time.  It made me realize how important perception is on a global scale if I want to stay competitive. since then I only post mixes to Soundcloud that are mainstream and on brand for my big room sound. All the other shades of my musical palate I save for those who get it, either live or on Patreon.

GP: Patreon certainly sounds like the place to learn more about Joe - musically, but before we close. Single, married or dating?

JG: My ‘go to’ when I’m trying to avoid a subject is always comedy. So, To quote the great Mrs. White in ‘Clue,' ‘Men should be like Kleenex - Soft, Strong & Disposable.’

Whether you are expecting big vocals, house rhythms, progressive-tech beats, or tribal drums, DJ Joe Gauthreaux will have you experiencing a musical journey you won’t ever forget this Saturday, June 12, at Hydrate Nightclub, 3458 N. Halsted.


Interviewed by GoPride