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DJ Kimberly S.

DJ Kimberly S. interview with ChicagoPride.com

Wed. November 8, 2006  by Ryan Metz

DJ Kimberly S.
photo credit // gigi stoll

DJ Kimberly S., a familiar name in the circuit, has headlined major parties including the Global Groove Tour, Circuit Asia, Winter Party and Gay Day Anaheim. Out Magazine named her the Hot DJ of 2006, citing Kimberly’s high-octane blend of progressive house, soaring vocals and hip shaking beats.

She returns to Chicago’s Hydrate on Saturday, November 18.

RM: You tore the roof off Hydrate in August.

KS: Hydrate is the best! The crowd is there to dance and sweat and I love it!

RM: How do Chicago boys compare with the guys from Los Angeles and San Francisco?

KS: The Chicago boys wear heavier coats in the winter. (Laughs) No seriously, I love them all.

Boys are boys wherever they are.

RM: Why don’t you don’t play out east too often?

KS: The cities of New York, DC and Boston rock. There just aren't a lot of places to play over there anymore. Did you hear Roxy in New York City closed? That club has been a city staple for twenty years. Times are changing! Luckily, they still have Splash. That’s a hot club.

RM: Does being known as a west coast DJ make it hard to get a gig in the east?

KS: Yeah, I think so. It’s hard for west coast DJs to break into east coast and vice/versa.

RM: Earlier this year, Out Magazine named you the HOT DJ for 2006.

Has that honor helped your career?

KS: It sure has but more importantly, it’s been rewarding on a personal level. You know, it's just nice to be recognized and appreciated for my work as an artist on a national level.

RM: Do you ever play at lesbian clubs?

KS: Playing for girls is how I got my start as a DJ. I still play girl parties every so often. They are definitely the most difficult crowd to play for and a DJ must be willing to give them what they want. You have to be flexible and creative at all times. Playing for girls has absolutely made me a better DJ.

RM: What are your top three favorite tracks right now?

KS: Brook Hogan’s "About Us"; LOVE that track! I'm really into the Freemason and Moto Blanco remixes right now as well.

RM: What do you think of Paris Hilton’s album?

KS: To be honest, I haven't heard it, but I have enjoyed the singles.

RM: What next for Kimberly S. in 2007?

KS: A new Global Groove Tour along with a new CD for the first quarter of the year, and hopefully breaking into the European club scene.

RM: What’s left to conquer?

KS: Europe baby!

Go to www.djkimberlys.com and www.projectpublicity.com for more information.

Interviewed by Ryan Metz