A GoPride Interview

Kristine W.

Kristine W. interview with ChicagoPride.com

Sun. February 20, 2005  by Tim McCanless, Boi Magazine

Kristine W.
It was a cold afternoon in Chicago when I called Kristine W in Las Vegas. I could hear her kids in the background and she sounded well rested after a busy weekend of performances.

BOI: This year marks your triumphant return tell us where you have been?

KW: In 2001 I found out that I had Leukemia on Mother’s day weekend, and it was brutal; 5 days later I checked into UCLA. The cancer was acute myeloid leukemia. I t was my children and my sheer will to live I am back to show the world that you can come full circle.

I saw two of the nurses at my concert last week and they were so exited to see a patient that made it through, it was a healing thing for all of us. They see so much death in the hospital and we went across the street from the concert and had champagne. The last time they saw me I was only 125 pounds and bald. It was a great reunion.

BOI: How long have you been working with the Hearts Foundation?

KW: I have been working with them for at least 7 years. I met Todd and Trip at a show and they told mw about the Hearts foundation and they were so sincere, I did the gala for the Center on Halsted and anything that they are involved in are the real deal.

BOI: Your latest CD is really taking off, how many singles are going Number 1?

KW: By Super bowl weekend my 9th single “Wonder of it all” will hit #1 that will be my 9th consecutive hits, that is more than Madonna and Janet Jackson.

I have performed in Australia, I have performed with Australia’s finest Dance troupe, “Save my Soul” is a real hit in Israel where I performed and was written by Eran Tabib from Tel Aviv.

I was surrounded with good karma and wonderful people this year they all surfaced.

BOI: What is this I hear about a jazz album?

KW: I am working on a lot of music now, I am working with Jeff Franzel from New York and working on some electronic chill but we will see what people need at the time. I look at music like medicine.

BOI: What are your plans for the immediate future?

KW: I was just in Hollywood and I am not sure about that acting scene, I don’t know about all that.

I don’t know if I have all that in me. I like to do my own thing.

Music is the hardest thing in the world to do but I have a passion for it. If I can make people happy by my music and inspire people by my music and my words I am happy.

BOI: What else would you like our readers to know?

KW: I love all of you and have felt that my greatest blessing is my children and my fans.

When I was ill I thought how depressing is it going to have the “The Land of the Living” album released and not be around for it.

I appreciate you. You inspire me and we are all in it for life.

Interviewed by Tim McCanless, Boi Magazine