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DJ Cindel

King of Drums: DJ Cindel returns to Boystown for a residency at the newly renovated Hydrate Nightclub

Tue. February 4, 2014  by ChicagoPride.com

Music is what feelings sound like...
DJ Cindel
As Boystown's Hydrate Nightclub prepares to unveil a drastically new atmosphere following a month-long renovation project, it also is readies to reveal another surprise: DJ Cindel.

The Chicago native is slated to begin his new residency at Hydrate following a grand opening with DJ Seth Cooper on Feb. 7 and DJ Paulo on Feb. 8. That's when the self-proclaimed "true house-head" will blow up the nightclub's newly upgraded sound system.

DJ Cindel, known by some as the "King of Drums," got his first major break performing at Chicago's Skybar, a gig that led him to a residency at Spin in Boystown. The stints in the Windy City were followed by time at Club Ibiza in North Carolina, Palace on Ocean Drive in South Beach and a slew of clubs in Miami. His residencies include Action (After Hours) New York City, Reflex (After Hours) West Hollywood and resident DJ for Matinee North America.

Most recently DJ Cindel was named the winner of Matinee Las Vegas 2013 and Circuit Barcelona Festival 2013, among other credits on his long list of accomplishments.

ChicagoPride.com talked with Hydrate's newest DJ, asking a few key questions before his stint back in Boystown.

CP: (ChicagoPride.com) You're a Chicago native! Are you happy to return?

DC: (DJ Cindel) Chicago will always be home no matter where I go, moving to Miami was great but I am definitely excited and happy to be back.

CP: How does Chicago compare to other cities you've worked in?

DC: Well, Chicago is known for house music. One of my big inspirations is also from Chicago Dj Ralphi Rosario. My followers here give me the support and energy I need to keep following my dreams of becoming a well-known Dj/Producer.

CP: What's your style musically, and what can we expect to hear at Hydrate?

DC: I'm what you call a true house-head. Tech/deep house are my everyday dose when it comes to music. However when I play, I transform into a circuit queen, my beats are pure tribal high energy (cunty) non-commercial guaranteed to keep you dancing all night long.

CP: Name three of your favorite tracks you love to play.

DC: Inaya Day- Moving Up, Cindel feat. Nina Flowers- Cafre and Marcos Carnaval- Good Night Drums.

CP: You've already been a DJ at Spin, but what drew you to Hydrate?

DC: Spin was an opportunity for me to showcase my talent and get out there in the scene. Hydrate is def a step up and the perfect club to feature my high energy sound.

CP: Hydrate is upgrading their sound system. Are you excited to play in the new space?

DC: Nothing makes a DJ more excited than new high quality sound! I cannot wait to try it out and blast my music.

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CP: How do Boystown boys differ from the guys at other gay clubs you've played?

DC: Boystown boys are very committed to the area, their surroundings, they support all of the bars and they stick together. I know I will always have a crowed whenever I play.

CP: What inspired you to become a DJ?

DC: My love for music. Music is what feelings sound like, and every time I need an inspiration all I have to do is listen to it and I feel complete.

CP: As for some personal questions: Are you single, married or dating?

DC: I am happily partnered with an amazing guy named Anthony Diesman, whom I actually met at an event I played here last year for CircuitMom's Freedom Revolution.

CP: What do you find most attractive in a partner?

DC: The ability to be able to trust each other and support each other in anything and everything we do.

CP: Finally, what would be your dream venue to play?

DC: My dream was to play at circuit festival in Barcelona and that already happened last year, so I would say Apollon in Montreal.


Interviewed by ChicagoPride.com