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Hector Fonseca

Hector Fonseca: I think music has the power to help people, to change their lives and that's where it truly wins in my heart.

Thu. April 12, 2012  by Brett Anthony

I think music has the power to help people, to change their lives and that's where it truly wins in my heart.
Hector Fonseca

DJ Hector Fonseca talks about his success both in the studio and in clubs

Internationally acclaimed DJ Hector Fonseca is more than just another DJ. He's also a highly successful musician who has found success both in the studio and in clubs. Fonseca has been dubbed by those in the industry as the "total package DJ."

Born and raised in New York City the sexy Puerto Rican, a former model, brings a unique blend of funky rhythms, tribal sexiness and electronic edginess. "I mix them together and make them work together," he says. "My sound is international and universal, yet distinctly from New York City."

Now with 5 official #1 Billboard dance remixes in 2010, Fonseca has solidified himself as a "go to" remixer to major pop stars like Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Katy Perry.

BA: (Brett Anthony) 5 number one Billboard remixes in one year. That's got to feel good.

HF: (Hector Fonseca) Yes, there are a lot of bootleg mixes out there, so to be called by the artists and their labels and hired to do mixes felt good. To have all of those mixes go number one felt incredible. Especially being that it was for some of my favorite artists like Gaga and Beyonce.

BA: So it's safe to say 2011 was a good year!

HF: Yes, it was a HUGE year for me! In addition to remix success, I also had one of my busiest DJ touring schedules ever and I helped introduce Spain's biggest party brand "Matinee" to the North American market as one of their main resident DJs.

BA: And now comes word that you've just officially been commissioned by DefJam to remix Rihanna's next single.

HF: My remix is already getting an amazing response both with my fan base and DJs. I was the only DJ in the gay scene officially commissioned and approved to remix "Where Have You Been," so that is humbling. I know it's gonna be a huge anthem for the summer. [laughs]

BA: We'll count on it! Quickly back to 2011, who was your favorite artist last year?

HF: I can't say I have one favorite artist. I love Gaga because she is an artist and activist. I love Beyonce for her vocal power. I love Erika Jayne because she is a fun girl from nightlife doing big things on Billboard & radio. This new artist Nire is supercool and unique. Rihanna for her ability to create huge hits with addictive hooks. Those are some of my favorites.

BA: And who do you predict will explode in 2012?

HF: I really love Erika Jayne, Nire Alldai and Amannda as new artists set to explode in 2012. They all have this young and fun energy. All are unique in their own way and connected to the community. Which is very important in 2012, supporting those giving to the community.

BA: You are known for giving back to the community. You will be donating your talents again this May to LifeBall in Vienna. From your point of view what to date has been your career highlight moment?

HF: I have a few that I've reached in addition to Billboard success. Doing Lifeball in Vienna was big to me because they raise so much money for HIV/AIDS. Also playing at Spirit of London in Brazil for 40,000 people was a highlight. Officially remixing 2 singles on Lady Gaga's album was big also. I have so much respect for her.

BA: Do you recall a breakout moment?

HF: It's been a long process for me. I can't say one moment did it. When I became an independent artist over 2 years ago is when things really took off. Co-headlining Black Party in New York City that year was definitely one of those moments where I said to myself "here we go." Also when Katy Perry's people called me to do an official Remix, I thought "big things are coming after this."

BA: And big things have come. Prior to DJing, you were a model. Tell us how music won your heart, why you ultimately became a DJ.

HF: I think modeling was fun in my early twenties but it never really fulfilled me. I always have DJ'ed or have been obsessed with music in one way or another. I think music has the power to help people, to change their lives and that's where it truly wins in my heart.

BA: How would you describe your sound?

HF: I would say it's your favorites songs remixed like you've never heard them before. I don't stick to one sub genre like tribal, or progressive or vocal. I love them all so I mix them together and make them work together. My sound is international and universal, yet distinctly from New York City.

BA: So you'll bring some New York to the Windy City. What can we expect from your appearance at Hydrate Nightclub?

HF: Expect to hear new stuff I am working on mixed with the hottest beats from New York City and the international club scene.

BA: How do the Chicago crowds compare to other cities?

HF: It's a great crowd that has good knowledge of the circuit scene and it's history. They are sexy and enthusiastic! I meet a lot of Chi-town boys at my events around the world. I'm looking forward to playing for them on their home turf. [laughs]

BA: So you're just coming off headlining the White Party Palm Springs. What was the weekend like?

HF: It was spectacular. Massive! My super-talented protege and friend, Theresa, and I played together at the Main Event. We came on right after Mary J Blige's mini concert. She brought down the house and we kept the energy going until 5 in the morning. One of the best parties I've ever been involved with to date.

BA: As you travel internationally, what is your favorite club you've ever spun at?

HF: I've played in a lot of great clubs so I can't choose one. Some of my favorites... Stereo Montreal, Le Mix in Paris, Roxy in NYC and Space in Miami to name a few.

BA: Now a quick round of personal questions. Single, married or dating?

HF: I am single but I have my eye on someone. [laughs]

BA: Where do you call home?

HF: New York City, born and raised.

BA: Where were you born?

HF: The Bronx

BA: What is something in your home that would make a stranger think you were gay?

HF: My Mykonos-inspired bathroom, specifically the rocks in my sink. [laughs]

BA: What is something that might make them think you were straight?

HF: I like and watch sports, although that's a stereotype.

BA: How do you spend your free time?

HF: When I'm not working, I like checking out architecture, watching "Being Human" and a few other shows, playing basketball. I love forests and beaches... escapes from city life.

BA: Name three of your favorite dance tracks right now.

HF: Tommy Love "Control", Erika Jayne "United" and Rihanna "Where Have You Been."

BA: Before we let you go, tell us about some of your upcoming projects.

HF: I am working on a few original tracks including one with the legendary Jeanie Tracy and Superchumbo. A mixed compilation to be released at Matinee USA events. Official remixes for Rihanna, Natasha Beddingfield, Erika Jayne & Nire Alldai. I also have a weekly radio show you can hear every Sunday at 6pm EST on Energia 97 Radio Brazil (www.97fm.com.br).

Hector Fonseca spins Hydrate Nightclub, 3458 N. Halsted, Saturday, April 14.

Interviewed by Brett Anthony