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Austin Wilde

Austin Wilde interview with ChicagoPride.com

Wed. August 4, 2010  by Jerry Nunn

Austin Wilde
Austin Wilde is an adult movie star who won Raging Stallion’s Man of the Year this year. In this exclusive interview with ChicagoPride.com, Austin talks about his upcoming appearance at Spin Nightclub.

JN: (Jerry Nunn) You were just in town for the Grabbys?

AW: (Austin Wilde) Yeah, the Grabbys were a blast, like usual.

JN: Ever been to Market Days or Spin before?

AW: I work and dance at Spin a lot actually. Living in St Louis, it’s a short trip up. And last year was my first Market Days. I actually worked at Spin doing the same thing I will be this year!

JN: I just saw your movie The Wilde Bunch. What was that like making it?

AW: It has probably been my favorite movie to make thus far. I got to work with a lot of people that I already knew but hadn’t ever worked with before...so it made it a lot of fun, not to mention it was shot down in Florida.

JN: Have you had a favorite movie that you have been in?

AW: It’s probably a tie between The Visitor and The Wilde Bunch.

JN: How did you get involved with Raging Stallion in the first place?

AW: Raging Stallion is actually the first and only company my agent hooked me up with. I did the first shoot with them and they signed me exclusive right away. And 5 months later gave me the Man of the Year title.

JN: You are versatile correct?

AW: I am more versatile nowadays. Much more than I was even a year or two ago.

JN: Single or taken?

AW: Technically, I am single. There is someone I plan on being with for a long time when the time is right.

JN: If you could demand one thing on a porn set what would it be?

AW: I’m pretty easy going but a FAN would be amazing on most shoots because it gets so hot.

JN: Speaking of fans, do you have a funny fan story? Maybe they asked you to do something crazy.

AW: Nothing super crazy. I had a fan buy both my used Fleshjack from a live web show. And the underwear... as is.

JN: What's one thing in the porn world that you didn't expect?

AW: How long a shoot can take sometimes. You would never think after watching a twenty-minute scene that it can really take two to three hours to shoot.

JN: What does your pornstar workout consist of?

AW: I don’t have a super strict regimen but I am there six to seven times a week. Sometimes I even bust out two a day.

JN: You have worked with Manhunt?

AW: Well, my first time in front of a camera was with OnTheHunt.com. I've done a couple shoots with Manhunt along with work a few events for them. It's a great company to work with.

JN: You have your own website which is wildexxx.com, correct

AW: Wildexxx.com was actually launched on my birthday, 2/11/10. Right now it’s just a blog with pictures and stories from my trips and shoots. Along with my travel schedule every once in awhile.

JN: Any big plans for the future?

AW: I do have plans for the near future, ones that unfortunately I can't say just yet. But look for something new in the next few months!

JN: Well, keep us posted and see you at Spin!

Austin will be hosting the shower contest at Spin Nightclub, 800 West Belmont, on Friday August 6th. (Event Details)

Interviewed by Jerry Nunn. Jerry Nunn is a contributing writer to the GoPride Network. His work is also featured in Windy City Times, Nightspots Magazine and syndicated nationally.