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Hector Fonseca

DJ Hector Fonseca smashes the decks for Drama-filled Market Days party

Mon. August 6, 2018  by ChicagoPride.com

Chicago is unique in that the audience understands the different sub genres within dance music and truly appreciate it all.
Hector Fonseca

Internationally acclaimed house music DJ Hector Fonseca is making a return to Chicago on Aug. 12.

Fonseca is more than just another DJ, he's also a highly successful musician who has found success both in the studio and in clubs. Fonseca has been dubbed by those in the industry as the "total package DJ.”

Born and raised in New York City the sexy Puerto Rican, a former model, brings a unique blend of funky rhythms, tribal sexiness and electronic edginess. As a coveted celebrity remixer, Fonseca has charted dozens of Billboard #1 Dance Chart remixes for Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Betty Who and Beyonce.

Fonseca returns to Chicago for Market Days Weekend for CircuitMOM’s DRAMA, the official Market Days closing party, at the House of Blues on Sunday, Aug. 12.

CP: What can we expect from you Market Days Weekend?

HF: (Hector Fonseca) I’ve been remixing alot lately, so expect to hear my latest official remixes plus new originals I have coming up on my record label, Audio4play. As always, vocals and lots of tribal energy.

CP: You’ve become a favorite of Boystown crowds, is Chicago a top destination for you?

HF: It’s one of my favorite cities in the U.S., because the crowd really understands dance/house music and also loves the art of DJing. They always show me love, which I appreciate. 

CP: How would you describe Boystown to someone who has never visited?

HF: I live in West Hollywood and the two are similar. They both exemplify what community really looks and feels like. Both are good examples of how cities that embrace LGBTQ culture can thrive.

CP: How does Chicago differ from other places you perform?

HF: Chicago is unique in that the audience understands the different sub genres within dance music and truly appreciate it all. Especially coming from DJs within their own community and not just mainstream heterosexual festivals. That's a really special thing. During Market Days, the rest of the U.S. gets to experience that together. 

CP: How would you describe your sound?

HF: I’m Latino so there is always an element of sexy tribal grooves. I play vocals as I get hired to remix a lot of dance pop stuff. Also, being born and raised in New York City I have some of that ballroom vibe in my music that you now see on shows like Pose. It's a mashup of those three elements that make up the signature Audio4play Sound. 

CP: What’s your all time favorite song?

HF: ”Its a Fine Day". I love it so much that I re-did it this year with Tel Aviv singer Karina Kay and Niltox from Spain. 

CP: Who do you see as a rising star in the dance music world?

HF: Singing wise, Natascha Bessez and Karina Kay. DJ wise, Esteban Lopez, Niltox, Adam Joseph and Zambianco. Love them all. 

CP: Name three of your favorite dance tracks right now.

HF: Emily Perry "Summer On Lock", Jaki Nelson "Dancing with Strangers” and "The Rent" by Adam Joseph.

(Editor’s Note: Emily Perry and her dancers will be featured at DRAMA on Sunday, Aug. 12.)

CP: Now a quick round of personal questions. Single, married or dating?

HF: Single but got my eye on someone to settle down with. 

CP: What do you find most attractive in a partner?

HF: Showing up and loyalty are the most attractive things to me. Two qualities that are disappearing. So many people easily bail, when you find someone that shows up when you need them, keep them!

CP: Boxers or briefs?

HF: Briefs. Can't even do boxers. 

CP: Where do you call home?

HF: I’m bi-coastal right now. So mostly L.A., but still my home in Brooklyn part of the year. 

CP: Where were you born?

HF: The Bronx, NY

CP: How do you spend your free time?

HF: I don't have a day job, so I spend most of my time keeping my DJ and record label business going strong. When I have free time, I love the beach, hiking and watching movies.  

CP: After Market Days, what’s next for you?

HF: I’m back to LA for a studio sessions and then playing in San Diego, L.A., New Orleans and DJing the Marco Marco show again for New York Fashion Week.   

DJs Hector Fonseca and Micky Friedmann headline DRAMA, the official Market Days Closing Party, on Sunday, August 12 at the House of Blues Chicago. Visit circuitmom.com for tickets. 

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