A GoPride Interview

Peter Rauhofer

Peter Rauhofer interview with ChicagoPride.com

Thu. March 22, 2007  by DJ Plez

Peter Rauhofer
The last time superstar DJ Peter Rauhofer was in Chicago for a playdate I conducted a fairly lengthy interview with him that covered the more serious musical matters of his life (Read Interview).

Well, the legendary DJ and head honcho of Star 69 Records is coming back to Chicago and this time I wanted a quick snappy exchange that showed a bit more of the Austrian native’s personality.

CP: How many siblings do you have?

Are you the domineering oldest child, spoiled youngest, or the eccentric Jan Brady like middle child?

PR: I am the only child!

CP: Favorite subject in high school?

PR: Geography. It's crazy, I now go to all those places I read about in school.

CP: Michael Jackson or Prince?

PR: Prince

CP: Boxers, briefs, or commando?

PR: Boxer-briefs

CP: Favorite color?

PR: Blue

CP: Favorite Madonna song (the original version, not a dance remix)?

PR: Crazy 4 You

CP: The last movie you saw?

PR: Saint-at-Large black party movie. It's called "Schwarzwald - The Movie You Can Dance To."

CP: Aretha Franklin or Diana Ross?

PR: Diana Ross

CP: Beer or a cocktail?

PR: Cocktail. I prefer Southern Comfort with gingerale.

CP: Other than NYC and Chicago, favorite American city?

PR: Los Angeles

CP: Favorite non-American city?

PR: Paris

CP: Favorite dance track of the past year or so?

PR: "What Else is There" by Royskopp.

CP: The #1 song on your current Top 10?

PR: Nelly Furtado's "Say It Right."

CP: Pre-crack Whitney Houston or post-"Glitter" Mariah Carey?

PR: Whitney!

CP: Favorite comfort food?

PR: Italian Sausages! (wink)

CP: Are you single or in a relationship?

PR: I'm again available!

CP: The Rolling Stones or The Who?

PR: Rolling Stones

CP: Favorite Island?

PR: Manhattan!

CP: Which airline do you prefer to fly?

PR: Domestically on Jetblue and Australian Airlines for International.

You can catch Rauhofer spin his dance music magic on Saturday, March 31st at Nitro’s “In The Garden of Good & Evil” Party, 3641 N. Halsted Street.

Interviewed by DJ Plez