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Jason and deMarco

Jason and deMarco interview with ChicagoPride.com

Fri. September 29, 2006  by ChicagoPride.com

Jason and deMarco
photo credit // scott ashton
Out and Christian artists Jason and DeMarco's passion for their purpose and refreshing exuberance toward their craft create a high-impact music experience that will surely make a difference in the lives of all who experience it.

The romantically-linked duo performed this summer at the Gay Games Closing Ceremonies at Chicago's Wrigley Field. They return to Chicago Saturday, September 30th for a performance at Circuit Nightclub (Event Details) and a concert at Broadway United Methodist Church on Sunday, October 1st at 2 p.m. (Event Details)

Jason and deMarco are again sharing their impressive studio magic and signature sound in their highly anticipated release, "Till The End Of Time". They have teamed up with Centaur Entertainment and this new album, is available in stores nationally and online. (shop.chicagopride.com)

We wanted to get to know more about the Los Angeles-based musicians, so we were pleased when they took a moment from their recent recording session to have a conversation with ChicagoPride.com.

CP: You’re coming back to Chicago after an exceptional performance during the Gay Games Closing Ceremonies. The crowd was very receptive, what was it like performing before thousands at Wrigley Field?

JdM: (Jason) First of all, thanks! It was a great experience performing at Gay Games.

We hope to have many more performances with audiences of those numbers. It felt right!

(deMarco) I think we sang in front of more people that day then we have in our entire career.

CP: What is your impression of Chicago?

JdM: (deMarco) It was great to be there in the summer. It’s really beautiful; the architecture, the neighborhoods, the openness of it. Some cities are really clastrophobic. I heard about that winter wind off the lake, though.

(Jason) I’ve been to Chicago many times and always enjoy it.

CP: Do you have any favorites (clubs, restaurants, etc.) in Chicago?

JdM: (deMarco) Our tour schedule has us in and out of a city so fast that unfortunately there isn’t much time for going out. One day.

CP: There is a lot of hype about your performance at Circuit Nightclub. What can people expect?

JdM: (Jason) People can expect to hear us sing our dance remix of our Billboard hit "Trying to Get to You" as well as a new remix of "This is Love", the #1 most-requested video for 7 weeks in a row on MTV’s LOGO.

These songs are from our newest release, "Till the End of Time".

CP: What have been fans' reactions to your latest album, "Till the End of Time"?

JdM: (deMarco) We’ve only heard great things. Even the reviews in the gay media have been surprisingly favorable.

(Jason) The press has been extremely friendly and supportive of us and our music. Our goal with the new cd was to have an edgier sound, but keep the romantic pop/rock feel, and we feel we accomplished that goal. We’ve gotten great feedback from our fans.

CP: Besides music, what else interests you?

JdM: (deMarco) I love to eat, I love flying, I love WW1 video games, independent movies, having friends over for game night.

(Jason) I’ve always loved traveling, and we get to do plenty of it. I love our friends and family and am always reminded that those are two of the most important things in life. I am addicted to spinning classes and enjoy hiking. And, I love sex!

CP: What are you currently listening to?

JdM: (deMarco) Before my Ipod hardrive died (thanks Apple), I enjoyed listening to Switchfoot, Damien Rice, K.D. Lang, Rufus Wainwright, U2.

(Jason) Micheal Buble, Enigma, Scissor Sisters, Sting. (there’s not much I WON’T listen to).

CP: What is the hardest thing about being gay?

JdM: (deMarco) Not being able to get Jason pregnant. But we’ll keep having fun trying.

(Jason) Guess that answers that question (smile). To me the hardest thing about being gay is feeling as though we are constantly fighting an uphill battle. The music industry still isn’t convinced that 'gay sells' and we need someone who is in a position in the music industry that believes in us to give us a chance and trust that the music will speak for itself. Our sexuality is a part of who we are, but our music is Universal. It’s time the world wake up and realize that you can be gay, successful, spiritual and in a healthy relationship while being authentic about who you are and not have to hide. It’s hard to be looked at as 'second class' or 'less than.'

CP: What is the best thing about being gay?

JdM: (deMarco) I think our community has been willing to sacrifice so much for our love; such as our jobs, our relationships with our family, the places we live, that we’ve really learned to value and appreciate those things that many people take for granted.

(Jason) I think there is a bond that the gay community shares that is very deep. We’ve all been through and continue the journey of self-acceptance and to be around others that understand that journey makes a huge difference. So many gay people I know are fun, free spirited, open-minded people because we’ve had to learn to be. Gay people are fabulous!

CP: What is sexy?

JdM: (deMarco) A fresh sun tan.

(Jason) A seductive smile.

CP: What is your "I’m turned on button" (neck, ears, nipples, etc.)

JdM: (deMarco) Inside thighs, if you must know.

(Jason) Neck

CP: Do you have a favorite love song?

JdM: (Jason) "Come What May" – From Moulin Rouge

(deMarco) "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" – Roberta Flack

CP: What is your favorite song?

JdM: (Jason) "Xanadu" – Olivia Newton-John (smile)

(deMarco) "Try a Little Tenderness" – Otis Redding

CP: Is there anything else you’d like to share with ChicagoPride.com readers?

JdM: (Jason) Our website is www.jasonanddemarco.com and people can go vote for our music video at logoonline.com.

(deMarco) Come out on Saturday night to Circuit and get even more music at our concert on Sunday afternoon at Broadway United Methodist Church in Boystown.

Interviewed by ChicagoPride.com