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DJ Chris Cox

DJ Chris Cox interview with ChicagoPride.com

Tue. August 1, 2006  by Jessika Sterling

DJ Chris Cox
photo credit // chris cox, jessika sterling and krave gm bill huggins
Grammy-nominated producer, enormously successful remixer, chart-topping solo artist, DJ Chris Cox has worked on over 400 records and a total of 40 Billboard dance chart number ones. Known for his work as one half of the red-hot production/remix team Thunderpuss which is responsible for no less than 14 #1 Billboard Dance Chart hits, Chris has successfully established his solo work becoming a living legend in the music world.

He has remixed records for Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Madonna, Michelle Branch, Stacie Orrico, Hilary Duff, Mylene Farmer, Donna Summer, Kelly Osbourne, Rihanna and Kelly Clarkson.

Listen to Chris weekly on XM Satellite Radio with his hour-long set, "12 Inches of Cox."

Chris returns to Chicago’s Hydrate this Saturday, August 5, for an incredible Market Days set. (Event Details)

Before returning to the Windy City, ChicagoPride.com’s Media Goddess Jessika Sterling caught-up with the jet setting DJ at Las Vegas nightclub, Krave. In standard Jessika-fashion, our Diva was running late...

...Well, it turns out that they have been holding up the start of Chris' set for over 15 minutes just to wait for me to interview him... yikes!, don’t I feel special... and stupid!

With cocktail in hand, and my fabulous tail between my legs (pun intended), off we go backstage…through the gauntlet of hot-sweaty men lining the hallway awaiting their sets on-stage. Then as we hook-up with my new sweetie Darren (Babylon Tour Manager) and the fabulously sweet KRAVE GM, Bill Huggins, we see Chris making his way toward us through this tsunami of "boas, boots, butts, and bods"...

CC: (Chris) WOW... you must be Jessika? I feel soooo short! [smile]

JS: (Jessika) Hi, I’m Amazon Barbie. [diva pose # 3]

CC: [laugh]

JS: Chris, thank you so much for waiting for me. [twinkle... twinkle]

CC: I can see why we waited... lol. [looking straight ahead…into my cleavage]

JS: I know they [Krave] are very anxious to get you up on stage... so, let's dive right in here backstage, shall we?!

CC: Absolutely

JS: So, I hear you just got back from Europe... did you enjoy your time there?

CC: Oh yea, it was great... I always embrace going over there.

JS: Everyone I talk too pretty much say the same thing about the music/club scene there in that they are so far behind us. What do you think about that?

CC: Well, I think the thing we do here is more of a niche' ...part of our lifestyle. They view it as more of a culture. Like in Ibiza, they plan their entire summer to come dance... be a part of it…and party for weeks!

They have so much passion behind it... they come to these events because they really want to feel it... not because it's "the thing to do" ...it's not a routine... it's amazing to play to that kind of energy.

JS: They’re almost like little kids sometimes... not like the critics we are in trying to be sophisticated about everything?!

CC: Totally... they feel it…they just like it because they like it. They have all these cultural-barriers…people from different countries who can barely talk to each other…and yet they all get-off on the sound and have a good time.

JS: So, do you think you have an "American-style?"

CC: [laugh] I guess…I’m not sure what that really is?!

JS: I think most can tell the difference between you and Peter R. or Victor C. Do find you have your own sound or style?

CC: To a point, I think my style has a lot of variety, but, I've never really thought of it that way... I try not to have a regional sound.

I like to go and explore different things at different times. I basically bring a shit-load of music with me and just start-off with what feels right, then just let the music take me... and if you trust me, we’ll have a pretty cool ride together.

JS: I talk to so many DJs like Tony Moran, Victor Calderone, ABEL, DJ Bugie, and they all kind of say that they really don’t script out their entire play list... they start with a few things pre-planned, then kind of just wing it. What about you?

CC: After years and years of experience, I’ve learned to be able to read the crowd and change on the spot. It’s a lot of "give and take." I don’t like to play one sound all the time... or become reliant on that one idea. So, if we are going down a path and I start to not feel it, I can vary it on the spot ...and go this way... then we’ll try a little bit of this... then I take’em down that way ...we work’em into a frenzy ...let them calm down a bit ...wipe the sweat off ...then, HIT’EM HARD, AGAIN!

JS: Hmmm, kind of sounds like you’re talking about something else Mr. Cox????? [devilish grin]

CC: Well, my dear... you can draw your own conclusions about that one. [wink]

JS: Ok, everyone is waving at me here to get you up on stage now... So, what is the one question that you get all the time? ...and give me the answer you’ve never told anybody?

CC: [LOL] ...well??? I guess that would be the one about me being straight and playing for the "gay world." I always get asked what I think about before, during, and after my gigs. I basically just want everyone to have a wild time... with a lot of energy...

JS: ...and then you go home to your wife and two little girls...

CC: ahhhh, "Ex-wife" [hand over mouth]

JS: Reeeaaally... so, now you’re single out there? ...I’ll have to keep an eye on you tonight! [wink]

CC: Well, you can get into a lot of trouble in "this world" [devilish grin]

JS: I’m gonna make sure I recorded that one! [giggle]

CC: [LOL]...make sure you do. [smile]

JS: Well, we have to get you on stage don’t we?!

Thank you so much...

CC: Thank you, baby ...and make sure you come to see me in Chicago. [kiss on cheek]

JS: Absolutely! ...and come back to visit me soon!

CC: You got it! [the "ceremonious exchange" of cards and phone numbers ...and off he went]

Interviewed by Jessika Sterling