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Matthew Rush

Matthew Rush interview with ChicagoPride.com

Tue. January 17, 2006  by Justin Boltz

Matthew Rush
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Holding the Lifetime Exclusive title for Falcon Studios, Matthew Rush has effortlessly propelled himself from a scrawny small town boy to a bronzed hulk of an adult film star. Beneath that muscley

exterior though is Greg Grove, a man who adopts monogamy off camera and settles in Ft. Lauderdale rather than the skin soaked west coast . Matt took some time to dish about finding love in an unlikely place and the highs and lows of being reigning porn royalty.

Fresh on the tail of his new film for Falcon, “Cross Country”, Matthew heads to Chicago for the Grabby Award sponsored Pornfest at Lucky Horseshoe January 19th.

JB: Is being a porn star as glamorous as one would imagine?

MR: Definitely not! There is a lot of standing around and waiting while lights and cameras are reset. Sometimes the conditions of the set can be unbearable, like it's too cold or too hot. You body gets twisted and turned in all different directions so the camera can get the right shot. Unless your a contortionist, it isn't that fun.

JB: What would you say is more interesting, your sex life behind or in front of the camera?

MR: Definitely the sex on camera is more interesting than my sex life off camera. There are times we shoot in really exotic and beautiful locations. There are also times when the sex scene is a three way or orgy and that just doesn't happen in my real life.

JB: You’re current film “Cross Country” seems to be following the trend of porn flicks expanding into more elaborate storylines and exotic locations, what was it like filming?

MR: "Cross Country" was filmed in New Zealand and it was amazing. The people were so friendly and cool with everything. The country is beautiful. We did a lot of hiking, kayaking, boating when we had down time.

JB: This was the first time working with your Boyfriend and fellow actor, Ethan Kage, how did it go?

MR: Ethan was pretty nervous at first. I didn't think he was going to make it. After we started shooting, he relaxed and things went smoothly. It was the easiest scene I had ever shot.

JB: Do you think dating a fellow porn star is easier than dating some not in the industry?

MR: It's easier to date someone who has an understanding of the industry and what it's like to shoot a movie. They understand that it's a lot of hard work and the sex is very technical.

JB: What’s the hardest thing to deal with when dating someone in the industry?

MR: People think that because we do what we do, it gives them the right to grope us in a bar or they can buy us for a particular amount of money. It can be frustrating when we are out with friends trying to have fun.

JB: Was your entry into porn a rocky start or did you immediately find your place?

MR: To be honest, I did three movies right off the bat and the next thing I realized, I was on the cover of this magazine and that magazine and people were starting to call me Matthew on the streets.

JB: Is there ever a moment where you get camera shy?

MR: Yeah I still do a little bit. I guess when that feeling goes away, it's time to quit.

JB: Where do you want to be at in 10 years, career-wise and personally?

MR: I have done a lot of theater and have done two independent films. I would love to do more mainstream stuff. If that doesn't pan out, Ethan and I have been talking about opening a gym here in Ft. Lauderdale.

JB: You performed here in Ronnie Larsen’s “Making Porn”, are you interested in further stretching your acting chops?

MR: I love theater and have been doing it for 4 years. I would love to do more but that would mean giving up my porn career. I'm not ready to hang it up just yet.

Interview by: Justin Boltz

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Photo by: Frank Failing

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Interviewed by Justin Boltz