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DJ Matthew Harvat

DJ Matthew Harvat interview with ChicagoPride.com

Wed. November 2, 2005  by DJ Plez

DJ Matthew Harvat
Chicagoan Matthew Harvat has been a larger than life presence not only in Chicago but on a national stage for many years. He earned fame starting in the late 1990s and throughout the first half of this current decade performing across the country and in Canada as Circuit MOM. In recent years he has purposefully pursued a course from the stage to the DJ booth and using his real name, he is finding success in this arena as well. He’s a definite mover and shaker on the local scene as featured by his DJ residency at Circuit Nightclub, where he hosts the monthly Push parties, and is seeing an increasing number of high-profile opportunities at clubs and parties outside of Chicago.

As Harvat gets ready to celebrate his birthday with a grand party at Circuit Nightclub this coming weekend (Event Details), he was gracious enough to answer a special edition ChicagoPride.com 6-Pack of Questions.

CP: During your childhood, which birthday do you remember most fondly? Why?

MH: It would probably have to be my sixth birthday in 1970!!!! My grandparents "knew someone who knew someone who knew someone" that got us highly coveted tickets to WGN's "BOZO Circus" at the studios downtown. It was very difficult to get tickets back then: remember there was no internet, no cell phones, no TicketMaster and we still used rotary dial phones!!! Along with my mom and both grandmothers, I got to take my best friend Helen from school. I even got chosen for BOZO buckets where you had to toss rubber balls into a row of buckets...If you made all six buckets you won an exciting prize. I only made 5, but was so star-struck to be standing next to the REAL BOZO THE CLOWN, I didn't care. And to top it off, when we got home, I had a BOZO birthday cake. That was the greatest birthday in my childhood.

CP: In this next year of your life, what do you expect the percentage breakdown of your nightclub/party/entertainment appearances to be as Circuit MOM vs. DJ Matthew Harvat?

MH: You know, I am very lucky to be busy with both but am definitely leaning more towards the DJ aspect. Circuit MOM travelled a lot in 2005 after nine years which was a nice surprise and my DJ profile is getting more and more recognizable, too. If I had to break it down, I would say for 2006, it will be Circuit MOM at 40% and DJ Matthew Harvat at 60%.

CP: During adulthood, which birthday was the most fun? Why?

MH: Each birthday has been spectacular because I embrace the idea of aging. Roger (Circuit Dad) has made sure every year is special for me and so many people have done so many wonderful things for me that I really cannot pinpoint one in particular. The big 4-0 last year was very exciting mainly because I could not wait to finally say, "I'm 40!" Todd Kiech (my fabulous choreographer all these years) hosted a surprise party for me at his house. Manny Lehman gave me the gift of his talents to remix the dance record that Tony Moran and I are working on. On my big 3-0, Roger flew my mom in from Colorado and surprised me while I was bartending at Roscoe's on a Friday night. She walked up like at midnight in the middle of all this chaos and ordered a drink while I was looking down counting money. I looked up and the entire staff was standing there with my MOTHER! It was really something. I could go on and on. Birthdays big or small are always fun for me!

CP: What are the top 3 songs on DJ Matthew Harvat’s current playlist?

MH: There is a ton of amazing music out lately--here's what makes my nipples perky-

1. I asked Tony Moran to do a new remix of Reina's "Find Another Woman" 4 years ago. He finally finished it last month. It's #1.

2. I was given a song by DJ Korona from Puerta Rico that is a white label....I have no idea who sings it or the remixer---but it's hot!

3. Rhythm Divine Project Feat. Inusa "Get Up (and Rock Da Club)" still makes me jump out of my skin and the dance floors still go crazy for it.

CP: When getting spanked on your birthday – or getting spanked any other day of the year - do you prefer the spanker to use his hands or to make it hurt so good with a belt?

MH: You'd better bring the belt, baby.....!

CP: Who’s at the top of your birthday party invite list: Cher, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Liza Minelli, or Céline Dion?

MH: Wow! I would have to pass on all of them.

I love watching Janet Jackson, but really have nothing to say to her. I never got into Liza (I know, bad fag, bad fag!). Unless Madonna really KNOWS you, you would not get a real conversation out of her in her real accent, and I don't have time to wait. Celine? That's just an all around odd choice.....and Cher.......hmmmmm......I think she may be the most enjoyable because she says what she means but I just don't see her staying around long and that would be very disappointing. I'm going to go off the board for $1,000 and pick Gladys Knight. Once you revived me from passing out, I would have so much to talk with her about. She is my female music idol for many, many reasons. Now THAT would be a birthday gift!!

NOTE: The Push Birthday Celebration for Matthew Harvat takes place on Saturday, November 4, 2005 at Circuit Nightclub. DJs Danny, Pete Crow, and Plez will join Matthew in the DJ booth. Doors open at 9 pm. (Event Details)

Interviewed by DJ Plez