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Jeff Palmer

Jeff Palmer interview with ChicagoPride.com

Fri. December 17, 2004  by ChicagoPride.com

Jeff Palmer
photo credit // jeffpalmer.net
Jeff Palmer has made a name for himself in the gay porn industry.

Raised by Evangelical Christians, Jeff left his home in Argentina at the age of 16 to explore the world.

By age 20, Jeff had performed in his first porn for Falcon Studios and quickly became one of Falcon’s most-popular models.

Jeff left Falcon in 1999. After a short hiatus, he returned to the industry in 2001. It was in early 2002 that Jeff made the bold and often controversial decision to no longer use condoms in his videos.

Jeff will make an appearance at Hunters on Thursday, Dec. 23rd.

Before his arrival, ChicagoPride.com had an opportunity to visit with this hard body. We discussed the business, his music, faith and family.

Date of Birth: 3/27/75 - Sign: Aries - Residence: Portland, OR

Hair Color: Dark brown - Eye Color: brown-hazel - Height: 5'8

Position: Versatile - Shoe Size: 8 and a half an/or 9

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CP: You’ve often been called the king of porn; you’ve won numerous awards from “Best Top” to “Most Seductive Eyes”. How does it feel?

JP: When someone call me the King of porn it reminds me that I already have accomplished what I wanted from this fascinating career of mine, and I even got more then I expected due to the fact that faith in Jesus really pays off more then you expect or imagine.

CP: I read you were raised by Evangelical Christians in Argentina. Tell me about your family and growing up.

JP: Yes, actually I just spoke to my dad today and I have to said that I feel very lucky to be raised in such Christian lifestyle cause the industry where I work can be very hard when you don't feed and prepare your spirit, not just the physical and mental then the job is not as good as it could have.

CP: Do they know about your success in the industry?

JP: Yes they do!, I told them like 4 or 5 years ago, send them magazines, CD'S and other stuff I have done, and they are very happy that I'm very happy and that I succeeded so well at something, even that is something they are not all crazy about, they also appreciate a lot the honesty I have with them which I don't have to, but honesty is always been the most important thing in my family.

CP: After leaving Argentina at 19 and traveling through Europe, it was Polaroid pictures that brought you to the attention of Falcon Studios? How did you go from son of an Evangelist to a lifetime exclusive for Falcon?

JP: Sorry but I left Argentina to Brazil when I was 16 actually, and I was 17 when I went to Europe, 19 I was when I came to Miami, USA, and I was 20 when I did those Polaroid pics that got me into Falcon Studios, and I'm not a lifetime or ever was a lifetime exclusive, no way I would sell my soul like that!, I was just an exclusive for the time being, but my huge success came way after I left Falcon Studios, my real success started without a doubt ever since I filmed my first bareback film and it keeps growing and growing because of my bareback films.

CP: What surprised you most about your first porn experience?

JP: What surprised me the most when I did my first porn scene is that the director and others did not believe me that it was actually my first time, also the fact that the director told me once it was done that I would be a big star in the gay world.

CP: How many movies have you starred in and which is your favorite and why?

JP: I starred in 17 movies, and "Barebacking with Jeff Palmer" Volume 2 is my favorite one cause is my latest and the latest memories are the best ones always, besides finally I got to get plowed by a black guy for the first time ever on film.

CP: Who is your favorite co-star and why?

JP: All my co-stars made me very happy so I really don't have a favorite one, sorry.

CP: You were voted “Best Top of 1999” and for years you didn’t bottom. When and with whom did you first bottom for on camera?

JP: I bottomed on film for the very first time with Tommy Saxx in my first bareback film back in 2002 for Hot Desert Knights.

CP: Who works harder in a movie? The top or bottom?

JP: Both, the bottom needs to go trough a long process of cleaning and dilatation while the top just needs to get it up, so now that I do both, I can say its just the same, at least for me.

CP: You continue to maintain your popular website (www.jeffpalmer.net), is this how you hope to stay in touch with your fans?

JP: This was, is, and it will be the electronic place where my fans and me can connect in the most sophisticated ways there is now days, with out experiencing the senses of touching or smelling, those are the only 2 senses out of my site, the traffic is really f...ing huge and is only getting bigger and better so imagine how major is my happiness for it, it cheats time and distance.

CP: Your lifetime relationship with Falcon Studios ended (because of your online diary), leaving you open to go your own direction. In March 2002, you made a decision to no longer use condoms in your videos something not allowed by Falcon and controversial in the industry.

Why did you make the decision to go bareback?

JP: Thank God for this interview cause now people are gonna get the story clear and right.

I did my last film for Falcon Studios in 1999 with out even being under an exclusive contract which was over before this last film, after that I did a film for Pacific Sun in 2001 and it was with condoms which was called "Palmer's Lust". After sept.11 of 2001 I started to investigate everything that I was doubtful about, and the HIV thing was one of them, by the 7 of December of 2001 I was totally over convinced the HIV never existed, so the next year in 2002 I did my first bareback film and I never used a condom ever again, and I refused any condom movies, ever since I decided to only make bareback movies and use all of my power to make bareback mainstream, besides there was not way that I would get stock as an exclusive, no f...ing way, that Falcon stuff became way too f...ing boring for my taste anyway, and if I'm controversial for so many people is because I'm honest and don't go f...ing around the bush.

CP: On your website, you talk candidly about several issues.

You admit to using Crystal Meth which has been on the increase here in Chicago. Why did you stop using Meth?

JP: I don't like to say that I stop cause I'm very propense to do it again and I really don't want to cause it takes time away from the things I want to do besides sex, and because it takes a toll in my body and brain, is just we need to face the fact that it can be so much fun that not for nothing is so popular now days, still is not good to do it at all I think for we need to sleep and eat as well.

CP: Also online, you’ve been very open about your health.

You’ve made bold statements about the medical community and HIV treatments. Where are you now with your health?

JP: Healthy as ever, is amazing how information has helped me to enjoy such healthy life, if wasn't for the information I founded and still find, I would be sick taking poison in form of medicine and supplements like many people now days do, since the beginning of times food and other natural ways has been the way to heal the human body, and unfortunately the FDA seems to be totally corrupted.

CP: Would you share a little about your faith and how it fits into your career?

JP: Faith is for me nothing but the conviction of what u don't see yet, and the security that is going to happen like you wanted without any fear, but when you put that faith in such higher power such as Jesus then the results come out better then you are aware of, that is why I would have to be really stupid to ever be ashamed of my Jesus Christ for I don't care if other people think I'm a f...ing freak.

CP: Not only are you an adult performer, but you’re a musician. You have several CDs and travel to the gay circuit performing your music. Tell us a little about your music.

JP: Performing on stage my own music for quite few years in so many different night clubs all across USA is been the best reward that Jesus can give me, I lose myself in time and space when I'm there in front of many people and I express in such public way this musical creations I created over the years. My music is something so special that I never wanted to make it commercial, is the only thing free in my website actually, otherwise it would not be special, it would be some crappy commercial stuff in Kmart, my own music and songs are my best therapy, cause it reminds me in the way I want of who I'm and what I got to do.

CP: You’ll be in Chicago on December 23rd. Have you been to Chicago before? What are your expectations of this trip?

JP: I did a show in Chicago long time ago in 1997 or 1998 and I expect to feel that stage and crowd like never before and just go crazy and wild as I can go and have in mind all the people who thank me all the time for doing all I do for they keep me going and going, after all we'll be celebrating the birthday of my idol Jesus, not for nothing his birthday his birthday is called Christmas and is the most important celebration every year for the past 2004 years all over the world, also marks the end and the beginning of a new year.

See Jeff Palmer at Hunters on December 23rd. (Event Details)

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Interviewed by ChicagoPride.com