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Natalia Kills

Getting into Trouble: Natalia Kills' new album kills

Tue. October 8, 2013  by Jerry Nunn

I was concerned that no one would relate to it and all of the things going on in my head. Not everyone has this kind of story.
Natalia Kills
Mix the styling of Betty Page, a pinch of Alice in Wonderland, and the pop sensibility of Lady Gaga and you have a recipe for the singer Natalia Kills.

Her debut album spawned four singles "Mirrors," "Wonderland," "Free," and "Kill My Boyfriend." She went on tour opening for such acts as the Black Eyed Peas, Robyn, and Katy Perry.

With a new second record entitled Trouble, she shows a different side to her life from the abuse her mother faced by her father to the rebellious adventures she had as a teen.

Determined to kill the competition, Natalia won't stop until she becomes a household name and new singles like "Saturday Night" have the dance world jumping.

Jerry Nunn caught up with her to talk about her recent club tour, which includes a stop at Chicago's Spin Nightclub.

JN: (Jerry Nunn) Hi, Natalia. How have you been?

NK: (Natalia Kills) Wonderful, thanks!

JN: You have been making music since we last chatted and now out on tour.

NK: Yes, I like traveling a lot and playing small venues. I like meeting people afterwards and stuff like that. I am very excited about all of my up and coming solo gigs. It is more exciting than before when I was opening for Katy Perry when I was in front of 18,000 people completely terrified. We always had to rush to the airport without even remembering what country I was just in to go somewhere else. I think this will be really fun.

JN: Are you calling from Vegas right now?

NK: No, I left. I am back in LA today and then tomorrow in New York.

JN: All over the place! Well you will be in Chicago soon.

NK: I like Chicago a lot.

JN: It is dollar drink night at the bar the night you perform at Spin.

NK: That sounds dangerous, I have to say. Dollar drink night, jeezus gawd!

JN: Do you drink?

NK: I can but it is not really my thing.

JN: I just interviewed Far East Movement recently and they said you are their girl. You did that song "Lights Out" with them.

NK: Oh, I love them too. They are so nice.

JN: They even included you as an extra member of the group.

NK: Oh really? That is so cute.

JN: Let's talk about the new album. The single "Saturday Night" really shows a behind the scenes of your life.

NK: I wanted to make a soundtrack to my whole life. I was concerned that no one would relate to it and all of the things going on in my head. Not everyone has this kind of story. It went from penthouse to pavement. It is usually rags to riches, not the other way around. I'm also exposing how volatile my parent's relationship was and how my dad lost everything and went to jail. Then I left home and made a mess of it myself. The song is from a defensive standpoint that it's no big deal and "just another Saturday Night," that it doesn't matter how things suck or how fucked up things are. What can you do about it?

When I writing the song I didn't expect so many people to be able to relate to any of it really, especially of being so lost and making a mess of your whole life, ruining everything then not really knowing where to go from there. I am glad its having an impact and people can relate it to their own teenage tragedy.

JN: "Rabbit Hole" is one of my favorite songs.

NK: Is it?

JN: I want to see a drag queen perform it.

NK: Oh my god that would be amazing. I was in Philadelphia a few weeks ago and went to a drag show. It was with bears and a bearlesque show. Someone performed "Problem" and it was kind of incredible!

JN: Awesome. Do you know your set list for Chicago?

NK: I have to rush to the airport after a couple of these shows so I know I am doing really short sets, about two or three songs. "Problem" and "Saturday Night" will definitely be on there and usually I sing "Rabbit Hole" as well so you might be in luck.

JN: I will be in the front screaming!

NK: I would love that.

JN: Do you feel with the new album that people are getting to know the real Natalia Kills?

NK; Yeah, I just decided on Trouble that I wanted to expose all of the fucking mistakes and bullshit I did and inflicted on myself and others. I talked about leaving home when I was 15. I ran away to Paris, joined a cult, tried to set fire to the house, my father went into jail and my parents lost everything. I went into real detail about all of it and that is why I think people are getting to know me on a really personal level.

JN: What are your future planes?

NK: After this I have some really exciting things coming up then I go to Europe and do some stuff over there.

JN: How do you want people to follow you?

NK: My Twitter is @NataliaKills and Instagram is iamnataliakills. When I post a picture I always forget to put where I am or what I am doing. Suddenly I am in Vegas, or LA or New York and people ask how can I be in all of those places? It's a bit funny...

JN: So you live in a hotel room now?

NK: Yeah, pretty much.

JN: See you in Chicago soon, safe travels.

Natalia is going to kill it at Spin Nightclub, 800 W. Belmont Avenue, on October 9 at the witching hour.


Interviewed by Jerry Nunn. Jerry Nunn is a contributing writer to the GoPride Network. His work is also featured in Windy City Times, Nightspots Magazine and syndicated nationally.