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Houston Rhines

Houston Rhines interview with ChicagoPride.com

Thu. May 31, 2012  by Windy City Times

Houston Rhines

noah shuffman, morgan fairchild & houston rhines (right)

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Houston Rhines of 'eCupid' on apps, Kelly Clarkson

Just in time for a summer romance, the movie eCupid has been released on video.

This charming gay comedy has something for everyone, from those searching for a relationship to those who are already in one and dealing with life in the computer age.

Following his success of Is It Just Me?, director J.C. Calciano returns with this light-hearted flick.

Houston Rhines plays Marshall, who is in a relationship that is seemingly in a rut after seven years—and it turns out there's an app for that! After downloading one called eCupid, hilarity and chaos ensue.

Jerry Nunn from the Windy City Times talked about dating in 2012 with the hunky Rhines himself.

WCT: (Windy City Times) Hello, Houston. I read you grew up in Ohio but now live in LA. What is that like coming from a small town?

HR: (Houston Rhines) At first I was a little overwhelmed. I really didn't know anybody. When I first moved to L.A., I slept on a couch through a friend of a friend. Everyone out here kinds of knows each other in the industry. I was right outside of Akron so we weren't too much of a Hickville. There was a little bit of city in me!

WCT: How did you get involved with eCupid?

HR: J.C. Calciano, the writer and director, was trying to get a hold of me back when I had a Facebook account. He went on there and emailed me about the role. He pitched the project and who would be involved. He gave me the script and told me to read it. I did and fell in love with it and wanted to do it right away. I liked the character and the message in the film.

WCT: Tell our readers about the basics of the story.

HR: Marshall is in a seven-year relationship. He doesn't like his job and is sort of unhappy about everything. I almost think he was not realizing how nice he had it. He gets the seven-year itch. He starts looking at other guys so he downloads this app: eCupid. The app brings him what he was looking for in his life. Maybe he wanted that and maybe he didn't. You will have to watch and see…

WCT: It happens so much in relationships with technology. This seems very current.

HR: We are exposed to everything with the Internet and apps. I feel like temptation is around every corner. You gotta watch your eyes sometimes.

WCT: I thought the bedroom scene—where one person is on a computer and the other is on the phone—is very common.

HR: Of course, it happens all the time; one person is on their iPad and one is texting their friend. My friends in long relationships were laughing about it, saying that is usually how it goes at some point.

WCT: With the character turning 30 years old in the movie I thought about how many people have hang-ups about age.

HR: Hey, I live in L.A. Everybody has a weird thing about age!

WCT: They don't usually tell anyone their age when they are in L.A.

HR: If you ask their age then the give you an age range that they play on TV. Some people go the opposite route and really embrace it or go the other way, panic and freak out. That is what Marshall did in eCupid, where he turned 30 and was scared to death.

WCT: I had talked to Mike Manning who stars in the movie back when he first started MTV's Real World.

HR: Oh, that's cool. He was really great to work with. He's very funny and brought a lot of ideas to what he was going to do on camera.

WCT: Morgan Fairchild makes an appearance; she is such a legend.

HR: When she was on set, I and [co-star] Noah Schuffman didn't want to leave and go back to our rooms or anything. We just sat there, dishing on classic Hollywood stories that she would tell. We were like little kids into all of her stories. When she is on set it was an acting class all on its own. Of course she is professional, but all the things she does in between takes or in a moment was great.

WCT: Did you keep the underwear from the movie?

HR: Oh, from the swimming pool? Yes, I have those underwear.

WCT: I heard you wanted them.

HR: I asked for those. That is really funny!

WCT: Since relationships have been the topic of the movie, are you in one?

HR: I am dating somebody.

WCT: Stay away from the apps, then! What new projects do you have coming out?

HR: I just shot the pilot for Awesometown. It is really funny, with Andy Samberg and Akiva Schaffer. We will see what happens with that.

I am talking with a bunch of people about several projects and seeing what will be the best fit for me.

WCT: Before you go, I noticed you were in a Kelly Clarkson's video for "My Life Would Suck Without You."

HR: I did, and when you hear about superstars on Kelly's level people think they will be a diva. That was not the case; [she was] completely down to earth. She is an awesome person.

WCT: Well, you seem pretty awesome yourself, Mr. Awesometown!

For more on eCupid, flutter over to www.ecupidthemovie.com or just let your fingers do the walking over to www.amazon.com. If all else fails there, is an eCupid app!

Interviewed by Windy City Times