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Wed. December 14, 2011  by Windy City Times


Graffiti6 shows very Brit "Colours', interview by Jerry Nunn for Windy City Times

British duo Graffiti6 is showing its true "Colours" with a tour coming to Chicago, not once but twice. The six are really two, with songwriters Jamie Scott and TommyD teaming to make beautiful music together. Graffiti6's songs have been featured on Grey's Anatomy, Covert Affairs, and CSI: NY, while Scott has performed with such artists as Alicia Keys, and Kelly Clarkson.

We found him on the road ready to launch a new tour with a stop in the Windy City.

WCT: (Windy City Times/Jerry Nunn) Hey, Jamie. Where are you calling from?

JS: (Jamie Scott) I'm calling from the tour bus heading from Alabama to Charlotte.

WCT: How's the South?

JS: It's cool, man—an interesting place!

WCT: You are originally from London and the United States is still new for you, correct?

JS: Yes, exactly. Myself and my manager actually moved over to Los Angeles when we signed to Capitol earlier in the year. I have been there quite a bit now.

WCT: L.A. is so different than where you are from.

JS: It is, yes, but sunnier in parts.

WCT: The music scene is hopping from all the artists that I talk to from there.

JS: It is a crazy world of entertainment. If you are busy in what you do and are starting to get your name out there it is a great place to be.

WCT: What is your music background? Did you study in school?

JS: I did a little bit. My mum was a guitarist, well, played in church. My parents both loved music. We listened to old LPs and I grew up on soul music.

WCT: Do you not listen to a lot of current music?

JS: I do now but not until I was 12 or 13 years old did I hear a lot of new music.

WCT: I am listening to the new release from Amy Winehouse. I heard you are a fan.

JS: Oh, I love her.

WCT: What about Adele?

JS: Awesome voice. I love her voice.

WCT: What is your song "Colours" about?

JS: It is the same meaning as our song "Annie You Save Me." It is a person that comes into your life and the idea of apologies. One person can come in and the next day you can achieve something that is totally different. It is about perspective I suppose, the rose colored glass that you can be wearing due to love or someone in your life. It can be completely different with someone to share it with, hence the "unseen colours" line.

WCT: I just watched your video for "Free." Where was it filmed?

JS: It was filmed in downtown Los Angeles.

WCT: Have you ever thought about being a model?

JS: [Laughs] I have been asked a few times but I think music is more for me!

WCT: I am sure you are gaining gay fans. Someone graffitied on my wall on Facebook and wanted me to tell you hi!

JS: Great! Well, I thank them very much.

WCT: You are performing with my girl, Mexican singer Ximena Sarinana, on this tour.

JS: Yes, we actually started yesterday so we had our first gig in Alabama.

WCT: We hung out at Lollapalooza this past summer.

JS: She is so sweet and an awesome girl.

WCT: Schubas will be packed.

JS: I am really looking forward to it. I will be flying out right after to get to the UK for Christmas time. I heard you will be getting some snow, so this will be an interesting month.

WCT: I hope everything goes smoothly with flights. This is your first time in Chicago?

JS: Exactly, mate.

WCT: You should head down to Michigan Avenue. It will be all lit up.

JS: Okay. I will probably do all of my Christmas shopping there.

WCT: You co-founded Big Shy Entertainment so that must be a gift in itself.

JS: It is. Between myself and Tommy D, we have a lot of experience in the industry. From my point of view, I have been through two major labels before. I do a lot of writing for other people like Enrique Iglesias. I wanted to be involved in what it was like to start a career.

I like writing and now I am signed to a label and touring but would like to nurture artists at the beginning of their careers. I actually love it. We have two artists that we are working on. One of our artists, Nick Hartman, just had a gig in L.A., and it was such an achievement. It is a completely different feeling that you get than anything else. It reminds me of being young and going back to where I started recording.

WCT: Do you want to do any more movies? I know you played Colin in Step Up.

JS: Maybe in the future but it something I feel I want to be good at rather than just to do it. It really was a cameo as myself and I got away with it as an actor. In the meantime, I will be sticking with the music!

Follow Graffiti6 at www.graffiti6.com, where you can keep up with their tour such as Schubas on Dec. 22 (9 p.m.; $12 tickets) and Park West on Jan. 28 (ticket info pending).

Interview by Jerry Nunn for Windy City Times

Interviewed by Windy City Times


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