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DJ Ron Geronimo

DJ Ron Geronimo: Funky disco tech house rhythms & sexy dark drums mixed in with energetic chunkiness never hurt anyone!

Thu. May 26, 2011  by Matt Inawat

Funky disco tech house rhythms & sexy dark drums mixed in with energetic chunkiness never hurt anyone!
DJ Ron Geronimo

Chicago's DJ Ron G spins IML Weekend's Black and Blue Ball

DJ Ron Geronimo has been surrounded by music most of his life and this weekend he will be spinning his "funky disco tech house rhythms" and drum beats, all while keeping his eye out for a potential significant other, at the Black and Blue Ball at Excalibur during International Mr. Leather Weekend.

GoPride recently sat down to to get a glimpse into the amazing Chicago-based DJ's life:

RMI: Hey Ron, I still remember thinking that you had music in your blood way back: spinning records after school while growing up when you were best friends with my younger brother! For readers out there who are being turned on to you for the first time at IML, how long have you been in the DJ music scene and where did you first get your start?

DJRG: Well, I came out of the womb at 126bpm, and the rest is history!

Really though, at the very early age of 11. I used to watch my older brother for hours learning how to count & match beats.

RMI: Did you have a mentor in the business?

DJRG: If by mentor you mean sugar daddy, then no. But if God is a DJ, then I guess he, she or it may have had something to do with it. But here on this planet, I have two mentors: my older brother I have to blame for getting my skills on point & I have DJ Ken-E. He took me under his wing & taught me how to program DJ sets & how to take people on a smooth "journey."

RMI: What other major events have you played?

DJRG: Hmmmmm. My cousin's wedding. My ex-stepbrother's bar mitzvah.

Just kidding! I would have to say Milwaukee PrideFest, Sweat at the Metro along side Ted Eiel and Superstar Sundays at Crobar Chicago with David Knapp.

RMI: So, you're still a joker, huh? It's nice to see some things haven't changed!

You've been a great add to the Boystown scene the last few years, where do you currently spin now?

DJRG: Roscoe's on Thursdays and Sundays. And Hunter's on Fridays, to give Elk Grove Village a taste of what we've got in the city and to keep them current. I have also guest DJ'ed at Hydrate nightclub many times.

RMI: Have you always been musical?

DJRG: That's like asking a hooker if they like having sex. Not only do we like it, we get paid for it!

All joking aside, yes. Music has ALWAYS been in my family as far as I can remember. I learned how to play the piano at age 7 and have a BA in Musical Theatre Performance.

RMI: How would you describe your sound on the dance floor? How would you characterize your mix style?

DJRG: Loud. But not obnoxious. Unless the crowd is, then I like my music to match the crowd.

I like to "Ron"-dez-vous between many styles! I love me some disco house but tech house vibes & diva vocals with a lil bit of some tribal thrown in. I do like my mainstream remixes too - you would too with all the pop remixes I play.

RMI: Where do you see club music going these days?

DJRG: Honestly... for a minute it was going into IMHO a scary place.

I remember back in the day, you would go to the clubs to hear music NOT heard on the radio OR if you heard them on the radio, you would go to the clubs to hear the different remixes. Music started going into this direction of "what's played on the radio" has to be played in the clubs which doesn't give us DJ's a chance to be creative or to get underground or break out remixers/producers noticed because of what's constantly being played over the radio.

I'm glad alot of these pop/top 40 artists ARE starting to cross back into TRUE dance music, even though some of these artist are "borrowing" from the roots and revamping. Lately I've been seeing music going to an edgier side than just the typical diva ballads or top 40 stuff.

RMI: Can you give us a preview of what we'll hear and experience at Excalibur for the Black and Blue Ball?

DJRG: Hot and sweaty sex... meets the best cheesecake in the world... meets hairy muscle daddy groove... meets rawhide leather.

Get ready Excalibur! Funky disco tech house rhythms & sexy dark drums mixed in with energetic chunkiness never hurt anyone!

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RMI: What was your favorite subject in high school?

DJRG: High School? Really? You don't assume I went to college? It's 'cuz I'm a DJ? Huh?

RMI: No, seriously! It's because you told us what your major was in college already! Okay, back on track, here are the GoPride.com "pop quiz" questions:

What are your top three favorite tracks right now?

DJRG: Hard to name just 3 favorite tracks. How bout remixers?

Chus & Ceballos, Prok & Fitch, Roger Sanchez, Dave Aude & Antoine Clamaran. BUT if you REALLY wanna know my favorite tracks, how about you come and listen to me spin LIVE at Monday's Black and Blue.

RMI: We're there! What's on your iPod?

DJRG: Oh LORD... What isn't? Except for not enough space.

RMI: What is your favorite theme song?

DJRG: Golden Girls' "Thank You for Being a Friend"

RMI: You know, you should set your facebook page to automatically send your remix of that song when people add you!

What is something in your home that would make a stranger think you were gay?

DJRG: Other than my gimp cuffed in my sling? Not much. Hahaha!!!

My pink doorhandle hugger that says "The DIVA may enter now!"

RMI: What is something that might make a stranger think you were straight?

DJRG: My Steamworks flashlight keychain? Doesn't every straight man have a flashlight on their keychains?

RMI: We'll have to do a poll of our straight readers - I'll get back to you on that one! Maybe a couple straight guys will comment on the interview and let us know.

Boxers, briefs, or commando?

DJRG: Monday: Military jockstrap. Any other time, boxer briefs but I can be daring sometimes and get all Nintendo Enterainment System Video Game on you and go all Commando.

RMI: Sexiest part of your body?

DJRG: Just one?

RMI: Your favorite color?

DJRG: HOT Fuschia, or just blue

RMI: Single or spoken for?

DJRG: Single and looking for someone to speak for me on my behalf; or complete my sentences and know my thoughts.

He'll probably look like most of the guys at the Black and Blue Ball. But he better be able to hold a conversation.

Also someone that understands that working in the Entertainment Industry doesn't mean I live my life ONLY in the industry or in the clubs. I go there to work & do my job, not let it run my social life.

RMI: What's the next big thing on your life's "to do" list?

DJRG: Learn to snowboard better.

RMI: Thanks Ron, once you've conquered IML weekend, let's catch up on our last two decades over coffee!

DJ Ron Geronimo spins the opening set for the IML Black & Blue Ball on Monday, May 30th with headliner DJ Ted Eiel.

Interviewed by Matt Inawat. Ron Matthew Inawat is president of the GoPride Network and contributes to ChicagoPride.com, PrideLA.com and other sites within the GoPride Network.