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Blu DeTiger

Blu DeTiger sets her sights on Lollapalooza

Sat. May 11, 2024  by Jerry Nunn

A lot of my music is funk inspired because of the bass.
Blu DeTiger

blu detiger

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Blu DeTiger won’t be caged with “Imposter Syndrome”

Blu DeTiger is a singer and bassist who creates landscapes of sounds to move and groove to. She launched an album titled All I Want Is Everything and debuted catchy singles like “Dangerous Game” and “Kiss.”

The talented young musician is gearing up for the annual Grant Park music festival in Grant Park this August.

She talked backstage about it after her live show at Lincoln Hall while out on her nationwide tour.

JN: (Jerry Nunn) Your real name is Blu?

BDT: (Blu DeTiger) Yes it is.

JN: I knew a girl in high school named Baby Blue Eagle Bridges with a Native American background. She was the daughter of musician Leon Russell and went by the name of Blue.

BDT: Woah. There’s not that many people with that name in the world.

JN: You have a Dutch background?

BDT: (Blu DeTiger) Yes. I am half Dutch. I was born in New York and my dad is from Holland.

JN: Have you been to Holland, Michigan?

BDT: No.

JN: They have a huge Tulip Time Festival.

BDT: That sounds sick.

JN: You studied at NYU Tisch School of the Arts?

BDT: I went there for two years and I left because I was touring so much. I started playing music when I was seven in New York.

JN: Who were your inspirations? With your song “Kiss” I am guessing Prince was an influence on your music.

BDT: Totally. When I first started playing bass I listened to a lot of classic rock music like The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. I was into all of the rock bands like Van Halen and Led Zeppelin.

Later I got into jazz, then I found funk and soul where my heart is and moved by just for the baselines alone. A lot of my music is funk-inspired because of the bass.

JN: What was your goal with the album All I Ever Want Is Everything while you constructed it?

BDT: There are songs on there that I wrote three years ago. I was doing a lot of touring in-between so I would write for two weeks at a time and then play at a festival. There was a lot of starting and stopping. That worked out well because I had space to figure out what I wanted on there. I just kept working until it felt good.

JN: Talk about your song “Imposter Syndrome.”

BDT: That song was the first one that I made for the album. I didn’t even know I would finish writing it.

I grew up in New York and then I moved to LA. After I signed my record deal and I did sessions in LA, many things were happening at the same time. I gained a big following online over the pandemic.

I will always play music of course and hustle, but I got an audience pretty quickly.

JN: On TikTok?

BDT: Yes and Instagram. I made bass videos and my song went viral. Things changed fast and suddenly I had to make an album.

Being an artist I always felt like I had imposter syndrome. There were ups and downs with that self-doubt.

JN: I discovered that people don’t apply for certain jobs because they feel imposter syndrome.

BDT: They aren’t worthy of it sometimes. That is crazy!

JN: Have you noticed an LGBTQ+ following while out on this tour?

BDT: Yes and especially from my early days on TikTok. There is such a strong community and I am so glad they are into me!

JN: We sometimes gravitate to an artist and will stay with them throughout their career.

BDT: It feels so supportive and at my shows, everyone is so nice. It’s nice to find people on the road to relate to.

JN: How is it touring with your brother Rex DeTiger?

BDT: It is fun and we are very close. We have been making music together since we were kids. It’s good to have a support system and be honest with each other. I make him pack up my clothes!

JN: When did you find out that you would be performing at Lollapalooza Music Festival?

BDT: It was sick because I wanted to do Lolla for so long. We have done almost every other major festival besides Coachella so I was preparing.

I received a text and have known forever now because they plan it so far in advance.

JN: I can imagine so they can plan out the complicated schedule.

BDT: Two years ago I played with Dominic Fike at Lollapalooza as a special guest, so I have been there before and know the vibes. This will be the first time I am playing by myself so I am excited.

JN: I have been covering Lollapalooza for over 15 years and it just keeps getting better.

BDT: Do you go all four days?

JN: Yes, I am usually in the media area. I will say hi when you walk through it.

BDT: Please come say hi!

JN: Noah Kahan remembered me from an earlier interview when he opened for George Ezra. He was walking around in the media area for interviews and we ran into each other. He was the artist that everyone wanted to see perform last year.

BDT: That’s so cool. I love him and he’s such a sweetheart. Noah is a lesson to work hard and do your own thing. Eventually, it will click and when it happens then it’s worth it.

JN: Artists should embrace what makes them different.

BDT: Always.

JN: Interviewing Dua Lipa at Lolla early on in 2013 when she had her heels stuck in the mud has been a highlight of my career. She remembered that interview when she was at the same hotel I was staying at in LA last year.

BDT: You are very memorable.

JN: That’s what she said and at first I thought she was being shady with the word “memorable” but she laughed and said she wasn’t.

BDT: So you have watched many artists grow…

JN: Yes and I think Chappell Roan will be a big one.

BDT: She co-wrote a song “Hey You” on my album and we have been friends for years.

When I met her she had two songs out. I just thought she was so dope at the time and now she is killing it.

JN: Did you see her open for Olivia Rodrigo?

BDT: I didn’t, but I saw some of her set at Coachella. I know Olivia too.

JN: I love that. Let’s start a music label! Is there a musician that you are particularly excited to see perform at Lollapalooza?

BDT: Renee Rapp is my homey. She’s another one I saw at Coachella and I have seen her several time play live. She’s amazing.

JN: She doesn’t just play backing tracks?

BDT: No. Her voice is incredible when she puts on a show.

JN: She has a Broadway background with Mean Girls right?

BDT: Yes and she is very professional. I am anxious to see Conan Grey there as well.

JN: I interviewed Conan in 2019 backstage at Lollapalooza and the rep told me “Even though he identifies as gay don’t ask any gay questions.”

BDT: Stop!

JN: He’s played a few times at the music festival…

BDT: His new album Found Heaven is really good. I want to see SZA, but I can’t because it’s the day I am playing. I will be doing interviews so I will miss some of the performances.

JN: I will tell my radio station friends to be nice to you.

BDT: Please tell them! I think this is the best Lolla lineup ever.

JN: Are you playing an after-show?

BDT: Yes, at Schubas at 8 p.m.

JN: What are your plans after Lollapalooza?

BDT: I want to play all of the festivals. Glastonbury would be sick and all of the UK festivals. I hope to tour Europe in the fall.

This tour is a very short run just because the record recently came out.

JN: I have been talking about your music a lot recently.

BDT: You have?

JN: Yes and people need to seek out new music to expand their collections.

BDT: I agree. It can’t be all up to TikTok and Instagram to discover new artists.

JN: Especially when they can play instruments like you do.

BDT: Sometimes people at my concerts are older dudes because of the classic style of my bass then sometimes the demographic is young girls, maybe because I opened for Sabrina Carpenter.

JN: “Espresso” is one of the best songs to come out in a long time.

BDT: It’s so good.

JN: That’s been my trick to interview people like her before they explode and grow too popular.

BDT: Sometimes it takes 10 years. I have to tell myself that it is going to happen. When I see you again in 10 years then we can reminisce about this!

Blu DeTiger preys on a Friday night set for Lollapalooza on Aug. 2, 2024.

For more information on this summer’s lineup visit lollapalooza.com and pounce on DeTiger at bludetiger.com!


Interviewed by Jerry Nunn. Jerry Nunn is a contributing writer to the GoPride Network. His work is also featured in Windy City Times, Nightspots Magazine and syndicated nationally.