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DJ Marti Frieson

DJ Marti Frieson is ready to display his versatility at Market Days

Thu. August 5, 2021  by GoPride.com

Market Days will be my debut and my first time attending. I’m extremely grateful to be a part of the Hydrate team and their amazing lineup.
DJ Marti Frieson

As Northalsted Market Days returns this weekend, so does the popular Hydrate Nightclub Dance Stage at N. Halsted and Cornelia. The Hydrate team never disappoints - booking an incredible lineup of DJs, including Marti Frieson.

Born in Cleveland and now living in Houston, Frieson started his career in 2018 debuting at the legendary Rich’s Houston nightclub.

Since his debut, the 31-year-old DJ has been consistently ascending. Currently working as a nightlife event promoter for his own brand DNVRMX (Denver Max).

His sound is inspired from where you might least expect: film, art, and pop culture. That’s what gives him versatility. He is determined to be distinguished from other artists and is never afraid to push the boundaries. 

Before making his Hydrate and Market Days debut on Friday, August 5 at 5:30 p.m., Frieson took a moment to answer a few questions. 

GP: How would you describe your, often unique, sound?

MF: I play several different genres including Circuit, House, Tech-House and Techno. I have the same goal for any set, which is to keep my sound interesting and unique while gradually increasing the intensity when necessary. I distinguish myself by staying versatile. 

GP: Where do you find your inspiration? 

MF: I’m very inspired by film, art, and other music genres that I personally love listening to, like hip hop, metal. For me when playing a set I like to have unexpected twists and turns, highs and lows. Like life, things aren’t always ‘happy’ and ‘pretty’ and I enjoy the dark and heavy beats from time to time that way you can actually enjoy the lighter easy moments. I get bored when things are typical. 

GP: Who is your favorite DJ or musician? 

MF: DJs like, Alex Ramos, Tom Stephan, Isaac Escalate. In other genres, Mark Knight, Nicole Moudaber, and Tyler The Creator also inspire me in the same way. 

GP: Who’s blowing your mind in music these days?

MF: Most recently, I was blown away at the MASTERMIND party for Houston Pride. Isaac Escalante and Tom Stephan played back to back and it was one of the best sets I’ve heard. I really appreciate them pushing the boundaries of the circuit sound without fear or holding back. That night was insane.

GP: You've performed in Chicago previously, if I recall, at Lollapalooza.  But will this be your first appearance at Market Days and Hydrate?

MF: Although I’ve been to Chicago several times, Market Days will be my debut and my first time attending. I’m extremely grateful to be a part of the Hydrate team and their amazing lineup. All very talented and supportive.

GP: What can we expect from you this weekend on the Hydrate Market Days stage?

MF: I never have a preplanned playlist, but usually have an idea of the vibe that I want to share with everyone. This Friday, you can expect some fun daytime ChaCha tribal beats with the Marti Frieson edge.

GP: Do you have any favorite spots to visit while in Chicago?

MF: You will definitely be seeing me at Hydrate Nightclub several times over the weekend with that amazing lineup, but I also plan on supporting my other DJ friends that are in town spinning. I will try my best to bounce around so we will see.

GP: You've performed at many big parties, which one is your favorite?

MF: Honestly, I can’t pick just one so ill just name a few. I love playing in Miami whenever possible, specifically for Score and Climax After Hours. They’ve been so supportive since the beginning of my career and always so professional. The Miami boys are a plus. Jubileo & Mantamar in Puerto Vallarta treat their team with the best hospitality and you can always a expect great lineup and production. Reload LA was a blast. The sound system and lighting there are on point and the crowd was very open-minded, which is great.

GP: Now a quick round of personal questions. Single, married or dating?

MF: Let’s just go with, it’s complicated.

GP: What do you find most attractive in a partner?

MF: I like my partner to be adventurous and open-minded to start. I’m always ready to travel and try new things and it’s nice to have someone. 

GP: How do you spend your free time?

MF: I love traveling whenever I can. Enjoying different cultures, food, drinks, and nightlife. At home, during the week I’m pretty chill. I enjoy working out, cooking, reading, finding new music. On the weekends I’ll most likely be out and about somewhere.

GP: After Hydrate and Market Days, what’s next for you?

MF: I have a few shows lined up this fall: Labor Day Weekend in Houston & Miami, Miami Beach Pride Pride T-Dance. Doing a big event in Houston 9/25 at RISE Rooftop with my brand DNVRM. I also have a big festival that I’m booked for in Mexico this winter that’s going to be announced very soon. 

Marti Frieson shares his workout routine:

One of the benefits of working weekends is my free time during the week. I try to balance out the nights by training really hard during the week, sometimes going twice a day.  He’s a typical week for me:

Monday - Chest & Back
Tuesday- Shoulders & Arms
Wednesday- Legs
Thursday - Chest & Back
Friday - Shoulders & Arns

Almost all my exercises are 5 sets with 8 reps, and I try to do a superset for the last 2. I try to keep things short and intense with my sessions lasting about an hour. I try to do my light cardio and abs in the morning to be productive and get my day started early but usually ends up being early afternoon. My weight training I like to do at night when the gym isn’t as busy. Hot tub after my workouts is a must! 


Interviewed by GoPride.com