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Hedda Lettuce

Hedda Lettuce interview with ChicagoPride.com

Tue. October 9, 2007  by Kevin Wayne

Hedda Lettuce

hedda lettuce

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Lettuce Talk with Hedda Lettuce

Drag comedienne and glamour-puss Hedda Lettuce is running for president and is making a campaign stop in Chicago on Saturday, October 13 at Chicago’s Lakeshore Theatre. "Why make that difficult decision [between a woman and a black man]," Ms. Lettuce asks, "when you can get the best of both worlds in one candidate and vote for me: Hedda Lettuce."

With movie and TV appearances including "To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar", NBC's "The People's Court" and a memorable cameo on "Sex and the City" as Samantha's ex-beau turned Bingo Drag impersonator, Hedda Lettuce has quickly become one of America's most recognizable drag performers.

Created by New York actor Steven Polito in 1994 this high-heeled stand-up is a standout in her field. The New York Times calls Hedda a "Satirist... Singer-impressario..." The Advocate hails her as "One of the best and brightest under thirty."

Before making an appearance in Chicago, Hedda Lettuce took a moment to answer a few hard-hitting questions in this ChicagoPride.com interview.

CP: (Kevin Wayne) Who is Hedda Lettuce?

HL: (Hedda Lettuce) Comic, singer, light dancer, activist, mother, daughter and hand model.

CP: Where are you currently living?

HL: The Chelsea Hotel, New York City.

CP: What makes you stand-out above the others?

HL: My kindness, my humor and my huge of knockers!

CP: Do you consider yourself a nice person or a diva?

HL: Somewhere in the middle. How about a nice diva?

CP: Like the other divas, do you make any special requests for your dressing room?

HL: No midgets and only green M&M's.

CP: Is this your first visit to Chicago?

HL: No. I was in town for just a blip two years ago.

CP: Welcome back! So what are your expectations for this trip to the Windy City?

HL: I expect my wig to be blown off my head so I’ve taken some precautions -- I have glued the sucker to my head! I also can't wait to see the sights, the wonderful museums and that shiny reflective bean sculpture.

CP: In addition to your talented physical comedy and parodies, what exactly can we expect from your performance at the Lakeshore Theatre?

HL: Lots of political humor with a light edge plus some very fun videos.

CP: To say that you are politically outspoken is an understatement – in fact you are currently running for President – what issues really get you fired up?

HL: Trans fats! Transgendered people should be thin and intolerance of any kind -- especially lactose intolerance.

CP: Free speech seems to be an issue of passion for you. Have you ever experienced censorship?

HL: Yes at Boston Gay Pride two summers ago. It was a bit heated but any press is good press, right?

CP: Another issue for you seems to be equal rights. What is your take on gay marriage?

HL: Gay marriage? I have never heard of such a ridiculous thing in my life. What will they want next babies?

CP: Let’s hit a few personal questions… are you in love now?

HL: Yes with someone in a very high political office. I can't talk about it at this time.

CP: Hmmm. What are some of your pet peeves?

HL: When your toes hang over the front of your open toes shoe -- that is called giving shrimp.

CP: What's currently under and/or next to your bed?

HL: A bible, a gun and a picture of my dear old grandma -- Bedda Lettuce.

CP: If you could trade places with anyone for a few days, who would it be?

HL: Hmm....I think it would be Condoleezza Rice. I would love to see what goes on behind the scenes. Or perhaps Pamela Anderson.

CP: What’s in the works for you?

HL: My Christmas show in NYC -- A Hedda State Christmas at the Metropolitan Room, 34 West 22nd Street, Dec 13-15/ 20-22/ 28-29.

CP: Any final thoughts for your fans in Chicago?

HL: Move over Oprah, Hedda is in town!

Hedda Lettuce, you receive our endorsement!

Don't Miss the Chicago premiere of a Provincetown, New York City, Movie and Television Sensation -- The Hedda Lettuce Show, Saturday, October 13th at the Lakeshore Theatre, 3175 N. Broadway. (Event Details)

Learn more about Hedda Lettuce at www.hedda.com

Interviewed by Kevin Wayne


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