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Michael Carbonaro

Michael Carbonaro interview with ChicagoPride.com

Wed. August 9, 2006  by Jason P. Freeman

Michael Carbonaro
Another Gay Interview

Is the world ready for Another Gay Movie? Popular demand for the film—causing the movie’s distributor to change its original plan of a limited summer 2006 release in 13 cities to 30, and then again, most recently, to 50 cities nationwide—answers with a loud and lisping, "YES!" Yet unlike other "gay films" of the genre, AGM isn’t about deconstructing and exploring the intricacies of gay life and sexuality in a heartfelt cinematic engagement. Featuring the frolics of four recent high school grads looking to score some anal-action before moving off to college, Another Gay Movie is a hilarious comedy/spoof on everything gay movie and sex that unapologetically leaves no taboo unturned.

Michael Carbonaro, who portrays the lead role of not-so-innocent Andy Wilson, recently won Best Lead Actor at this summer’s OUTfest in Los Angeles for his performance in AGM. In regards to his surprise in receiving the award, Carbonaro says, "Holy shit!" But with gerbils gone missing, Belgium chocolate and NAMBLA, could Another Gay Movie be taking things a little too far? Carbonaro adds, yes—and he loves it!

In between traveling to movie release events in California, Carbonaro took a moment to discuss his take on AGM with ChicagoPride.com, as well as on-set arousal and those sexy Dentine Ice commercials.

JPF: So, you're a young good-looking performer trying to make his mark in the entertainment industry and you just learned you scored the lead in a film where your character spends the entire movie's duration trying to get it in the butt. What was that experience like?

MC: [Laughs] I took on the role because I thought it was hysterical. Honestly, it was the comedic possibilities that drew me to it. It wasn't until after it was finished and my parents came to a screening that I thought, "What the hell was I thinking?"

JPF: So, what did your parents have to say about it?

MC: Lucky for me, I have the coolest parents in the world. My Mom was in the lobby, grabbing strangers and pointing to the poster of me half-naked screaming, "That's My Son!" I was, by far, more embarrassed than they were.

JPF: Fun, sexy and self-mocking, there are a lot of reasons to go out and see Another Gay Movie--none of them, of course being the gratuitous nudity of virtually everyone in it. Yet, that being said, who had the biggest penis on set?

MC: If you buy the DVD, the outtakes will answer your question.

JPF: Was it Darryl Stephens, who also plays the lead role in LOGO’s gay African American romantic comedy series, Noah's Arc?

MC: Are we being stereotypical? There’s probably good reason.

JPF: I have to tell you, seeing all-American gay boy next door James Getzlaff in the buff, saying things like, "My balls are turning blue," totally rocked my socks! He was so sweet and innocent in his khaki pants and polos when he was the trophy man on Bravo’s reality TV show, Boy Meets Boy. You two had a really intimate moment in the film. Was there ever any "tension" when filming the sexier scenes? By tension, I mean erections.

MC: Some of the actors are gay and some are straight, but with that being said, it was interesting to see whose stories didn't quite match up when pressed together naked for a few hours.

JPF: Seriously though, James Getzlaff's role in the movie was one of a number of gay pop culture icons, like Scott Thompson, Matt Rush and Graham Norton, who also had appearances. It got me thinking how amazing it is that there are so many recognizably gay figures in the public eye. That was not the case 10-15 years ago, and a film, much like AGM, would likely never have even been made at that time. What do you feel Another Gay Movie says about the entertainment industry today versus the past, as well as the LGBT community at large?

MC: You’re right! The film is a celebration. It’s a big, fun, candy-coated naughty cartoon. It’s set in a world where no one agonizes over their sexualities. The four boys in the film just want what every other teenager wants: to get laid! I think it sets a historical mark in gay filmmaking. Gay cinema can have a silly, goofy and raunchy teen comedy, just the same as we’ve been seeing for years in straight films like Porkys, Revenge of the Nerds, Sixteen Candles, and American Pie.

JPF: My favorite line in the film was, "Queer as Folk, eat your heart out!" What was yours?

MC: My favorite line in the film is by Porn Star Mathew Rush. He says, "I got so high at the last Blue-Ball that I woke up with a glow-stick up my ass. It was Blue!" Priceless.

JPF: Any worry that putting this movie on your resume may hold you back career-wise? Not to imply that your performance wasn't stellar, but it is safe to say your role in AGM was a little "bold."

MC: Look, Susan Sarandon began in Rocky Horror, in her bra and panties, singing, "Toucha-toucha-touch me!" and Tom Hanks started on TV dressed in drag. What I keep hearing in reviews of my work in the film is, "You are really funny, and really bold." That's the kind of reputation I want as an actor. You have to be fearless.

JPF: What kind of roles would you like to see yourself in?

MC: I admire the work of Johnny Depp, Kevin Spacey, Vince Vaughn, Jim Carrey and Margo Kidder (Oops, how did that get in there). I like strong, funny and sensitive.

JPF: There's no denying AGM is a comedy; however it does venture into some really proscribed territory. It is highly likely that there are a number of detractors who would protest this film, some perhaps in the LGBT community itself. What would you say to someone who says AGM goes too far, and glorifies sex to youth?

MC: The movie does go too far; that’s the point! Do teen sex films glorify sex? Umm, yeah! TV glorifies sex, Hollywood glorifies sex and Dentine Ice commercials glorify sex! Sex is very glorify-able. I would say focus on the equality marker that this film has set. And if you really can’t stand it, I’d say don’t go see it. Stay home and watch the Discovery Channel—but be sure to turn it off when the animals start mating. Kids will get the wrong idea.

Another Gay Movie opens in Chicago August 11, 2006, at the Landmark Century Centre Cinema. For more information, visit www.anothergaymovie.com.

Interviewed by Jason P. Freeman