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Gabe Lopez

Gabe Lopez interview with ChicagoPride.com

Mon. July 31, 2006  by Jason P. Freeman

Gabe Lopez
photo credit // www.gabelopez.com
Don't call him "G-Lo."

Producer, singer and songwriter, Gabe Lopez doesn't bank on pop culture puns to take a prominent position in the Music Industry

"Don't you think it's all just a little bit queer..." Gabe Lopez sings to the dancing, bear-attention-grabbing "Red Queen" in a song of the same name off his debut—and independently released—album.

A beach boy from the Santa Barbara region, with a penchant for song, Lopez started his career as a songwriter/producer when others his age were just figuring out how to vote. He has since been a creative-collaborator behind young up-and-comers like Angela Peel, Triniti (who just went gold in Japan), Jordan Shannon and many others.

However in sly Hollywood-like fashion, Lopez maneuvered his producer-prowess in order to bring his own voice into the public eye, a move that proved successful with this year's release of "This is About You." Music from this, his first full-length album, has already been featured on TV and other media outlets including the summer Olympics. Though some tracks carry an air of entry-level, the album shows Lopez's wide range of diverse talent. Showcasing, "the party boy," Lopez says, "to the heartbroken boy," to the singer, songwriter and producer, "This is About You" will leave you tapping your toe to the peppy score, or mouth open and agape at the lyrical beauty in the romantic balled titled "One Day."

"...And take it away!"

JPF: Gabe, the music in your album reveals a proclivity toward a wide-range of musical genres, from dance, to rock and even a little romance. Where do you get your influences for such a variety of sound?

GL: Well, I love the Beatles!  They are really colorful!  All of their albums and songs are so different and I've always been motivated to emulate that: I wanted to show the party boy in me, and the heartbroken boy, and all the happy and sad sides of myself. I love Stevie Wonder. I can't remember a time when I didn't know his voice.  Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morrisette...

JPF: Listen, I’m never going to forgive Alanis Morrisette for that Ironic song. Citing things in a song as ironic that aren't ironic, making the entire song ironic, upsets me.

GL: It's genius! I love it!  She was only 19 when she wrote that song and I think that's awesome.

JPF: So when you're not being Gabe Lopez, pop-singing sensation, what are you doing?

GL: I'm in the studio producing someone else ... And I'm not even joking.

JPF: Come on Gabe! A hip California boy such as yourself must do something for fun?

GL: I like to go to movies and hang out with my friends. I'm from Santa Barbara, so I spend time a lot of time on the beach. And I like to write music.

JPF: That's such a lame, stock answer, dude.

GL: But it's true!

JPF: Anyone ever call you G-Lo?

GL: My Mom does. I'd like to point out however, that I was G-Lo way before she was ever J. Lo. She just beat me to the punch.

JPF: What's your favorite color?

GL: Blue.

JPF: What’s your sign?

GL: Capricorn.

JPF: So, what’s it going to be for you, Gabe?  Where do you see yourself in five years?  What do you really want to do?

GL: I would love to upstream to a major label, travel the world, work with Sheryl Crow and do more producing, do a music tour...

JPF: Say, "Fall in love and settle down."

GL: No! [laughs]. Well, at least not in five years.  Maybe 10 or 15.

Gabe Lopez’s debut album, "This is About You" is available on iTunes, and shop.chicagopride.com For more information on Gabe’s music and music-producing, visit www.gabelopez.com

Editor's note: Funny Story--Gabe's album cover art was designed by a woman named "Gabby Lopez." Of this, Lopez says, "No Relation."

Interviewed by Jason P. Freeman