Gabriel Alejandro dancing to the rhythm at all three CircuitMOM parties this weekend

Thu. August 10, 2023 8:04 AM by Ross Forman

gabriel alejandro

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‘… expect to see me being authentically myself, having fun, a few twirls, some Latin moves, lots of hip thrusting and booty bouncing,’ says Alejandro

Gabriel Alejandro is all set for the trek from his home in Pittsburgh to Chicago for this weekend’s Northalsted Market Days on the streets of Lakeview commonly called Boystown. He has local friends he wants to see, make new friends, go to the beach, support local businesses, shop from queer vendors at the street festival … and try to get into Steamworks before the line is too long.

And dance, lots of dancing.

In fact, the 31-year-old Alejandro will be on stage at the three high-energy overnight parties from CircuitMOM Productions: House Gasm at the House of Blues on Friday, Spectacular Spectacular: A Moulin Rouge Ball on Saturday at the Aragon Ballroom and Wreck’d on Sunday at the Aragon.

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“Chicago is a beautiful city, full of amazing people. I am appreciative of the cultural diversity that can be seen on every corner of the city. I always look forward to my next visit,” said Alejandro, a Puerto Rico native who works as a software project manager. “Market Days is one of the events I look most forward to every year. It is a great festival where all forms of love and queer culture is celebrated. I know I will run into friends from all over the country, even international visitors. It is an event everyone should experience at least once in their life.”

Alejandro has been dancing on the circuit scene for three years, but doesn’t think of himself as a dancer, as others have legitimate talent and earned that title through proper training, he said. “I just have a little bit of coordination, a sense of rhythm and enjoy moving to the sound of a good beat.

“I am a creative person and enjoy making costumes in my free time for the themes of these events. This became an outlet for my creativity. I strive to combine sexy with funny. A few of my costumes caught the attention of event productions and they began reaching out to have me on stage. Although I no longer spend much time making costumes, they certainly enabled me to connect with amazing people and event productions.”

Case in point, Matthew Harvat, the real-life CircuitMOM. Alejandro has been strutting his stuff at CircuitMOM events for two years.

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And when Alejandro is on stage, people “can expect to see me being authentically myself, having fun, a few twirls, some Latin moves, lots of hip thrusting and booty bouncing,” he said.

“I am always excited and eager to attend the next CircuitMOM event. Dancing with them is more than work, it truly feels like I’m just having fun with friends and family. Matthew and Edwin (CircuitSON) are a delight to work for, and always make us laugh between sets and outfit changes. Joshuan and Tyler, who oversee costumes, always do their best to make us look great on stage (and) ensure that all performers feel comfortable with what they are wearing. That is very important to me. Dancing at CircuitMOM events is wonderful. The CircuitMOM family always comes together to offer all members of our community the ultimate and most magical circuit experience.”

Alejandro’s favorite CircuitMOM event was the Drama At The Disco party during Market Days 2019. “It was the last party of the weekend - Sunday night going into Monday morning,” he said. “I had not eaten in days, for obvious reasons, and was exhausted. The first thing that caught my eye as I walked into the Aragon Ballroom was performers in full disco outfits rollerblading on stage next to CircuitMOM who was wearing sparkly bell bottoms and big puffy hair that led to a wig reveal. You could tell she was living her best life. There was something about that moment that made me feel instantly re-energized and put me in a great mood. It was an amazing night. 

“That is what CircuitMOM events are all about, creating fun experiences and putting smiles on everyone’s face.”

Now On-Stage Dancing … Gabriel Alejandro

Favorite Things to Do In Chicago: “Hangout with friends in Boystown and attend CircuitMom events.”

DJs You Want To See At Market Days: Cedric Gervais, Nick Stracener, Isis Muretech, Dan De Leon, Dan Slater and Jace 

DJs You Like Dancing To: Joe Pacheco, Thunderpuss, DJ Mohammad, Nina Flowers and Marti Frieson

That Sculpted Physique: “Honestly, I am not disciplined with dieting. I eat everything I want, whenever I want. I try to maintain an overall high protein intake, workout at least 5 days a week, and repeat use of the snooze button every morning.”

Favorite Cheat Day Meal: “Every day is cheat day.”

Hobbies: “I enjoy cooking, traveling, visiting friends, attending circuit events, and spending time at home with my pets, or as my friends call it, ‘the other Pittsburgh Zoo.’” Alejandro has a macaw, cat, potbelly pig, axolotl, chameleon, and a 120-gallon fish tank with exotic Amazonian fish and eels.

Passions: Sex positivity, adoption of rescued pets, gay rights, women’s rights, and separation of church and state

In The LGBT Community: “Over the past few months, I have been working to expose Pittsburgh to a more liberating gay culture. By fostering a space where members of our community can get a taste of what I have personally experienced at events in larger cities.”

Favorite TV Show: F•R•I•E•N•D•S

Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings trilogy 

Favorite App: Amazon and Uber Eats “because I don’t like to leave my house unless it is for good D or a fun party.” 

Favorite Sport: “What are sports?”

Little-Known Fact: “I am colorblind. (That) does not mean I see the world in black and white. I just have a reduced ability to distinguish between certain colors, specifically shades of red, which probably explains why I often fail to identify red flags when I date.”

Boxers or Briefs: “Commando … I can’t remember the last time I wore underwear for any occasion. I like to be always comfortable and it has always paid off to provide a peak of what lies beneath.” 

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