I am friendly, easygoing, and a nice person. I'm also wild, crazy, whacky and sometimes I love to drink a lot. I like having good conversations and would love to meet someone who can amintain one. I perfer football over baseball. Some of my turn offs include people who are ignorant, intolerant, uptight, frigid, negativity, ,no sense of humor and poor hygene.
My turn ons are making out in the pool, light drinkers, good sense of humor, someone who's good in bed, ask me about the rest.
I am not from new York but I speak with an incredibly loud new yorker voice

I am very outgoing and I have varie dinterests. I am crazy in a good way, whacky, love to party, sometimes I'm shy, sometimes I'm not, I love football better than baseball and go to football games whenever I have time. I'm smart, I'm funny, I'll crack you up, I can talk about anything, but I don't talk a little or a lot, I'm a medium talker. I'm a nut, I'm wild, I love to be around people, active, very sociable.

Likes: Upbeatness, light drinking, making out in the swimming pool, goo sense of humor, piercings, tattoos,

Turn-offs: Non stop whining, smoking, complaining, being uptight and rigid, guys who act like dumbasses, negativity,

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I have an expanded mind, but some of my interests include sports, guitar, photography, dancing, motorcycles, nature, concerts, football games, movies and a whole lot more. SO many hobbies so little time to do them all.

I'm looking for a guy who's together, intelligent, loves to attend football games, creative, upbeat, honest, and know show to stay true.