With friends like these...

Happily in a relationship with my future husband. Am looking for friends. There's certainly a lot of bad apples out there in the gayborhood and I have unfortunately met many of them. As the saying goes, "with friends like these, who needs enemies?" Hopefully there are some down-to-earth guys who aren't too shallow & full of themselves and can just have a good time, be it going out or spending time at home, without pretentiousness.

The crap written below is outdated, but can't figure out how to delete it...?

Just trying to find Mr. Right... or Mr. Right-Now (just being honest). I have a funny sense of humor that you'll either find fun or kinda dorky. I usually get hit on by black guys, the ones who aren't ghetto but rather refined, smooth, and don't talk in ebonics. Lately I've actually been getting hit on by white guys which is quite a change for me! Just get to know me and you'll either love me or hate me :)

Likes: Athletic guys, smooth, toned, white, black, filipino, tanned, pretty-boy or masculine, modest; not overly into himself

Turn-offs: excessive tattoos or piercings, overweight, extremely effeminite


Favorite music

Madonna, Dance, Lady Gaga

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