What's the point in opening up the store if you give the goods away?

I'm very even-keeled, hard to anger but strong in my convictions. I like to keep busy and to feel as if I'm making an impact on the world. I love my friends and never want anyone to feel alone in the world. That's probably my worst fear.

I'm pretty easy-going but have high standards. I really care about the people in my life and would do anything for the ones I love. I've been hurt and bruised by ex-husbands, but refuse to give up on the prospect of love.

Likes: I tend to be attracted to tall, intelligent, put-together men with desire and goals in life. Of course, that is not 100 percent of the time.

Turn-offs: Nothing is more annoying than being used or seeing someone use another person. R-E-S-P-E-C-T ; )



I like cheerful movies, classical British literature, laughing with friends and enjoying life. There's always beauty in the world if you look for it.

Favorite movies

As Good As It Gets, You've Got Mail, Enchanted, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sleeping Beauty, Wall•E, Kung Fu Panda

Favorite music

It all depends on my mood for the day

Favorite food

Sesame chicken, hands down. I like to bake so a red velvet cake, clafouti, apple tart, it all depends on the season!

Favorite TV shows

Absolutely Fabulous, Brothers & Sisters, Desperate Housewives, Will & Grace, Golden Girls







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I'm glad I got to see you your majesty :^)

agape_eros_logos on 03.09.09 | comment

i was waiting at mini. did you guys go? tell shawn i said hola!

aray on 02.09.09 | comment

Get a copy of the February issue of CS Magazine, flip through the society pages and you'll see what I'm talking about.

cpjason on 02.08.09 | comment

hey, did you see your picture in the feb issue of CS?

cpjason on 02.08.09 | comment

hi mike, I had a great time at your NYE party too! Thanks for having me. it was totally great.

cpjason on 01.15.09 | comment

Thanks Mike for your love and support!
-Miss Foozie

missfoozie on 01.09.09 | comment

Mike...your NYE party was great...sorry you lost money on your party ticket

cpbrian on 01.03.09 | comment

Dear Mike,

I miss you.


agape_eros_logos on 12.27.08 | comment

Come to Hydrate this Friday Oct. 17 from 7-9pm for the viewing party, hosted bar and free food. - FREE.

feastoffools on 10.14.08 | comment

complementing other people's photos with parts of my body is both my gift and my curse.

cpjason on 10.08.08 | comment