Whats A Boy To Do?

I'm a blogger, a vlogger and video star; I take photos and write tech reviews; I can take a joke and make a joke and don't mind being the butt of a joke; I drink but don't smoke, I laugh most of the time and cry when needed; I eat and breath every day and hate going to the gym; I'm a Yankee but have lived in The South and now consider Chicago my home.

I'm an outgoing and energetic person, but isn't everyone that posts here. If you really want to find out about me, check out my blog.

Likes: confidence that isn't arrogance, intelligent but not boring, ability to carry on a conversation that doesn't revolve around you

Turn-offs: Bad body odors, unkempt hair, snotty attitude

Website : http://www.whatsaboytodo.net



It's very rare that I'll turn down the opportunity to experience something new. I've gone to the Opera and a storefront theater in the same weekend; I've eaten at 5-star restaurants and 1-star diners; I enjoy watching, making and collecting movies, music and art; I'm crafty - like a beaver or using construction paper and glue but never devious; My friends are the most important thing to me.

Favorite movies

I enjoy everything from black & white movies from the 30's and 40's to science fiction, horror, to musicals. The only types of movies I don't enjoy are overly violent movies - there's enough violence in the world as it is.

Favorite music

Showtunes of course, silly, I am queer after all! Seriously, my iPod has almost 100 different genres of music - but the majority of them are Dance, Showtunes and Soundtracks.

Favorite food

It's easier to list the foods I don't like: Liver

Favorite TV shows

We got rid of cable earlier this year, but the one show I love to watch is Hero's and Lost!


Thanks for gracing our birthday bash on Saturday! :) It was awesome getting a chance to chat with you for awhile! And your buddy was really sweet too!

cpmatt on 02.05.09 | comment

Hey there! Thanks for the add!

poodlelicious on 09.22.08 | comment