If You're Not Part of the Future Then Get Out of the Way

Hey guys my name is Zach, I'm 21 im a pretty laid back guy, sometimes i can be taken for as snobby though only because I'm a very driven individual that stops at nothing to achieve my really not snobby at all no better than anyone else, im just zach, what u see is what u get...aside of all that though I'm pretty easy to get along with...i don't sweat the small stuff and i hate drama...well anyways...don't be shy!...hit me up!

I'm a pretty laid back n open minded person, i'm not full of myself but i am confident, i've been through some things but i've always been had the will and the drive to move on and work through all my issues...neways im basically just out lookin for some friends that i can just kick it with n have a good time...ciao!

Likes: someone that can relate to me on an intellectual level, someone that enjoys sports as much as i do, and basically just someone that knows how to take care of themselves yet isnt too full of themselves or conceited

Turn-offs: drama...cant stand crazed pigs, someone that can't hold a conversation past britney or paris, people that think they're better than everyone else

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football, baseball, wrestling, soccer, running, reading, hiking, theater, dancing, bowling, chillaxin at home with my friends, and basically just finding the real beauty in life

Favorite movies

Blazing Saddles, The Big Lebowski, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, The Santa Claus, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Ghost, Mean Girls, Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, Transformers, Aladdin, Exorcism of Emily Rose, October Sky, 1408, Schindler's List, Varsity Blues, Brian's Song, Independence Day, Pretty Woman...the list goes on and on

Favorite music

well i like almost every kind of music, but if i had a choice it would be 80's it!!!

Favorite food

shrimp fettucini alfredo, steak, beer bread, colorado omelettes, cookies, cottage cheese, yogurt, macaroni and cheese

Favorite TV shows

heroes, family guy, and cnn the most trusted name in dont watch a whole lot of tv


P O K E!

cpbill on 09.16.08 | comment

hey zach! I love your favorite foods, especially shrimp fettucini alfredo, steak, and um.... colorado omelettes??? But what is beer bread?? lol

kjcolts on 08.29.08 | comment

I like your blogs - they're full of texture (like a black an white photo of a crinkled paper bag wrapped around a forty in the hands of someone that actually had to work for it).

23 on 05.21.08 | comment

I love you!

missfoozie on 02.14.08 | comment

Hey Zach, was good seeing you at EQIL last weekend!

cpmatt on 02.11.08 | comment

i have the same gallery print poster in my apartment.

cpjason on 02.01.08 | comment

Ah Zach, you are too sweet! I'm very glad that you are on CP and meeting people! Lets hangout soon doll! ~Bill

cpbill on 11.05.07 | comment