Why don't you just relax and let me - and try not laugh if it tickles?

My goals are amazingly simple. My plans are amazingly complex. My love is simply amazing, much like the friends I keep.

Looking for work in Southern Cali - it's where my heart feels most at home.

I'm a little shy at first, not looking for anything really, feel free to say Hi =)



Business, technology, problem solving, making new recipes from scratch, cooking simple recipes, home repair and renovation, gardening and landscaping, stock market, working out (when inspired), giving massages, taking baths, jacuzzis, racquetball, & changing the world through empowerment, inspiration and support, having friends over to drink, talk, watch TV Shows (new, old, gay) and just enjoying my life.

Life is too long to only care about yourself, and too short to make a difference alone. Love exceptionally well and live near those you love and life will amaze you with both it's splendor and it's brevity.

Favorite movies

Were the World Mine, Prayer's for Bobby, Shelter, Lions for Lambs, Broken Hearts Club, Batman Begins, Dark Knight, National Treasure, The Bird Cage, Accepted, Moulin Rouge!.... and others

Favorite music

"Come On Get Higher"- Matt Nathanson, "From Where You Are"- Lifehouse, "Grace is Gone"- Dave Matthews, "Sweet Dreams"- Eurythmics, "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?"- The Kingston Trio, "Let Love In"- Goo Goo Dolls, "My Only Friend"- Ronnie Day, "Say"- John Mayer, "Do You Know?"- Enrique Iglesias, "Problem Girl"- Rob Thomas, "World Spins Madly On"- The Weepies, "Run Away"- Real McCoy, "Daze"- Anouk, "Crash and Burn"- Savage Garden

Favorite food

Cinnamon-raisin bagels toasted with peanut butter and bacon, dark chocolate (and yes it makes me sneeze), fresh fruit, and salads.

Favorite TV shows

Warehouse 13, Grey's Anatomy, the Office, NCIS, Will & Grace, QAF, Arrested Development.






Hey Beautiful! Thanks for your kind posting! ~b

cpbill on 09.25.09 | comment

P O K E!

cpbill on 08.18.09 | comment


elias78 on 06.19.09 | comment

Hey luv! I had a great weekend, thanks! I hope you did as well.

Drinks soon?!

cpbill on 05.04.09 | comment

My friends list isn't working - sad :(

23 on 04.11.09 | comment

Hi Beautiful!

cpbill on 03.31.09 | comment

i dunno bout easier
although i do remember having tons more energy before 25, lol

the schizoid weather annoys me
but otherwise, really good
about to tech a show and our first performance is next sunday.
i'm very stoked

slayerboy on 03.08.09 | comment

sup dude
how goes it

slayerboy on 03.08.09 | comment

I've not seen that movie! How's about a movie date!?? :-)


cpbill on 03.03.09 | comment

We need to make time to go out and about together!

Have a happy Thanksgiving Beautiful!


PS: I'm gay!

cpbill on 11.25.08 | comment