End Scene

Wed. January 18, 2006 12:00 AM
by Michelle and Steven

This column is really rather a funny. We recently found out that we would once again be going to the Equality Illinois gala. We're very excited to be going. This event celebrates all the those who have put forth effort to protect the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons in our state. After all, we all have basic rights as citizens in these United States and within the state of Illinois and no one has the right to discriminate against anyone based on their lifestyle choice or sexual preference.

When I received the e-mail that let us know we were going I went shopping and then called Steven....

:::ring, ring:::

Michelle: Steve! Steve! I bought a dress!!!

Steven: What does the dress look like?

Michelle: Ummm...well you know how I only wear black and red? Well...it's pink...hot pink!

Steven: :::silence::: Well I can't wait to wear my tux again.

Michelle: You did hear me say my dress is pink...right?

Steven: I think I'm going to go all black.

Michelle: I wish I'd found this dress in ALL black. But I did find the hottest black Carmen Miranda type shoes in black velvet!!!

Steven: You're wearing pumps?

Michelle: Uh-huh.

Steven: Are you practicing?

Michelle: Yeah...all around the house and I even took the dog out while I was wearing them. I wonder what the neighbors thought.

Steven: Good, you should really practice as much as possible, I'm not about to be holding you up all night after you get sloshed.

Michelle: Me? If I get sloshed...then you get tanked. I learned from you...remember?

Steven: :::silence:::The waist of my tux pants is too loose and I can't wear a belt.

Michelle: HA! Wear that Jack Daniel's belt buckle Dave gave you for Christmas....or a cumber bun.

Steven: Yeaah, a cumber bun is a good idea.

Michelle: In pink to match my dress.

Steven: In black.

Michelle: Fine.

Steven: Maybe we should coordinate....

Michelle: Buy me a corsage! I want a corsage! In pink!

Steven: Um, so pink...ick.

Michelle: HEY! I'm going to be wearing pink!

Steven: No, not ick for you...ick for me.

Michelle: Why? Isn't pink your signature color? *snicker*

Steven: I would go with the traditional red, but um, doesn't that clash with pink?

Michelle: Stick with the all black...I'll have more attention drawn to me.

Steven: Yeah, or we would look like a really bad Valentine’s day card....and we’ve decided to be “ANTI” this year.

Michelle: Oh. right.

Steven: I’m glad your shoes are velvet though, because I have velvet on my tux as well...see, we’re already halfway to matching anyways...get outta my head!!!

Michelle: Get outta mine!!

Steven: Ok, I gotta go, getting my eyebrows threaded.

Michelle: If they look good I might get mine done too. You’ll be the guinea pig.

Steven: Thanks a lot. K...bye.

Michelle: Bye.

The conversations we’ve had since then are just as fun...but we don’t want to bore you with hair details.

The important thing is that we get to be a part of a night where so many will be gathered who have worked so hard for our community :::does happy dance:::

...bonus scenes...

Thank you to John Russel and Dave as always for just being you. Norm...no more smoking and cards. Marielle...may the lower half of patients at your hospital aid in your studies. Bryan...we planning a road trip...get ready. Chester...you music last weekend was perfect. A kiss for Greg and Julian. W3...my blood, sweat and tears...all yours....i’m going to win. Steve and Matthew...love you and thank