End Scene

Thu. March 23, 2006 12:00 AM
by Michelle and Steven

So, we're a quarter of the way through the year. We've seen a couple of Holidays pass and the summer is vastly approaching.

I have to say that between the Gay Games, Lolapalooza, Pride, and Market Days...I'm already pretty wiped just thinking about it. However, I've made some goals in an attempt to make the most of the Chicago Summertime.

First...I've got to get a tan. Though Michelle has one of those wonderful allergies to the sun, I have one of those allergies to NOT getting sun. I must say I can't wait until that nice bronze luster returns and the dark winter sleep circles that form under my eyes have finally blended away to a glistening glow. One of my favorite spots...Hollywood Beach. There's just something about scantily clad Gay men throwing beach balls that makes me feel like I'm at home.

Second...I've got to invest in some new shorts this year. Last year it was the same old shorts I've been wearing for years. Not that they don't still fit, but they are so out dated...er...just dated. I'm not a fan of the long and baggy like we see at the neighborhood Gap, but I may have to let go of that so I can look hip and fun...like everybody else. Blend, yes, that's it.

Third and finally...I've got to lay down the routine for the drinking regimen. When it's sunny and beautiful with a nice eastern breeze and a calm 70 degrees, it seems that all of boystown is out and about and consuming mass amounts of alcohol. I'll have to control the urges so I can be at my best for all three months. Three nights a week max. Maybe four if one of my alter egos needs to be let out of her box. But that's it. No, really.

While it's true that I have an allergy to the sun I'd like to thank a certain company for making lotion SPF 70! It means I can go out and enjoy the sun...even though my poor dying corneas hate the rays.

I'm planning a trip to Guatemala with La Familia to visit the loved ones. I need to see my Grandma (Abuelita). She's the only one who can chastise my Mom and get away with it. I feel safe with her. Our summer is their rainy season...and that makes me happy....I love cloudy days.

I'm looking forward to all the events coming up in our community. I've been buried under books and dealing with kids all year...I need to get out and have some fun. It also gives me a reason to go shopping. Hmmmm....maybe I’ll go with Steven when he gets his new shorts.

Chicago during the summer is quite possibly one of the most beautiful places on Earth. I can't wait to see all the people who emerge from 9 months of hibernation....should be fun. So, let's get prepped and make the most of all the sunshine and flip flops. It's bound to be a proud summer for Chicago and the entire Gay Community.

:::bonus scenes:::

Chester thank you for bringing a smile to our faces, John R. for always being wonderful, Nick for a great night, Sean...just ‘cause, Billy and Patrick who make us laugh and we love them, Magdalena for being such a beautiful person, the doctors at IMMC...thanks for helping my Dad, Steven’s family in Iowa...much love, Shayna and Larissa...we love you, Little John...my eternal Valentine, Billy, Julian, Paulie....my sweethearts, Glynis...bestest kid evar, Tony Coppoletta...best pool instructor, Char...happy b-day again.

Photos: (by Dave Ouano) Alex at the Pride Parade, Ben and Brian soak up the sun at Chicago's Hollywood Beach, and Jeff at Market Days.