You got a degree... now complain about it.

Thu. June 15, 2006 12:00 AM
by Michelle and Steven

To begin with we'd like to apologize for our long absence... but sometimes the hecticness that is life doesn't allow for many other things that aren't getting a few hours of sleep here and there and maybe a bite to eat. But alas... here we are... just in time for summer.

Recent event in our lives and those of our friends have opened our eyes to some of life’s realities... here we go...

In recent discussions, Michelle and I have realized the value of college and a degree. We've also realized how many people we know who do nothing but complain about the jobs they get with their degree. It seems as though we hear a lot of friends that do jobs they have been studying to do for years and they can only talk of the horror and stress those jobs manifest in them. Though this is probably very common, it also seems a little unfair.

Michelle just finished her masters degree (and I'm so proud!) and during our conversation about it she said, "It's like now that we've spent the time learning and getting the degree it's like we've also earned the right to bitch about it." I would have to agree with that sentiment. I've often thought about going back to school for more education, but when I see these characteristics in my friends at the club and in the every day work environment, I think..."No, I'm just fine where I am for the time being."

Another thing is it makes me think about is how much energy is wasted on complaining so much. I often lose sleep over complaining and so I try to do it about one thing at a time. So I guess my advice to those that feel overwhelmed by their jobs, living arrangements, family, school, friends, recreational activities is: Take each struggle or insecurity in stride and one at a time.

If you are so caught up in all the things that are horribly wrong with what you do you will never be able to fix those things. Make a list. Put it in order of the things that are most important to take care of and then start checking them off as you take care of them. If the list becomes another task that is stressful, stop the list and go get some fresh air. I find one of the best remedies is sharing, however, over time sharing the same problems with friends turns them away. Not because those friends don't care, but because there is only so much advice a person can give. You have to choose what advice to take and when.

I agree with Steven about everything he said. I didn’t think I’d ever get this done. And now that it’s all said and done, I find myself at a fork in the road of life. Guess it’s time to take my best friend’s advice and start making a list.

:::bonus scenes:::

We’d like to give lots of ‘THANK YOU’s’ to Billy and Patrick for being amazing, John and Bobby for being so wonderful, DJ Chester for being Michelle’s ‘happy place’, Jonnie for being such a light in my life , Dan for being so adorable, Douglas, Silvia and Glynis (best daughter in the world), the folks at Crew for taking care of my Steven, Jeremy, Marielle, Xander who I’ve loved seeing out and about again, and finally, our extended family at Berlin.