Comi-Con 2014: Spider-Verse

Fri. July 25, 2014 12:00 AM
by Danny Bernardo

It's the most epic Spider-Man event of all time as every Spider-Man EVER come together to face a world-ending threat! Senior editor Nick Lowe , Dan Slott (Amazing Spider-Man), writers Nick Spencer (Superior Foes of Spider-Man) and Mark Waid (Daredevil) and artists Humberto Ramos and Edgar Delgado gave fans an inside look at the events that will shake up the status quo for our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man:

Superior Spider-Man

The return of Otto Octavious (aka Superior Spider-Man) launches the event as the eponymous series returns in issue 32, written by Slott with art by Giuseppe Carunocoli and Adam Kubert, with contributions from Christos Gage. Slott says that the seeds for the event were planted in this series' 19th issue. "Horizon Labs blew up in that issue and Superior Spider-Man disappeared for a few seconds," said Slott. "Where did he go?" The same storyline that brought Miguel O'Hara (Spider-Man 2099) sends Otto trapped in time, bringing the event to its prelude. The story continues September 17 when issue 33 goes on sale.

Spider-Man 2099

Prolific writer Peter David returns to the character he created with the new title that launched this month. As mentioned above, Miguel O'Hara (the Spider-Man of 2099) is caught in our present. The first arc will follow him as he begins working at Alchemex, the corporation he fights against in the future while trying to save his great grandfather Tiberius Stone from his future sins. Issues 4 and 5 launching in October will tie-in to Spider-Verse.

Original Sin Tie-In

The current Marvel event Original Sin ties into Amazing Spider-Man in issue 4 on sale now. "In Original Sin, we see not only the characters' kept secrets but what's been kept from them," said Slott, nothing that the infamous spider that gave Peter Parker his powers it bit someone else before it died. That person is Cindy Moon who will be later be known as Silk. It will be revealed that Peter's former Spider-Man legacy mentor Ezekiel hid her in a similar bunker that he hid Peter in from the spider-energy eating entity Morlun. It will be revealed that she is also known as "the Spider Bride".

Edge of Spider-Verse (mini-series)

A mini-series that will follow several alternate reality Spider-Men (including some all new creations):

Issue 1 – focusing on Spider-Man Noir, written by Fabrice Sapolsky with art by Richard Isanove.

Issue 2- Features Gwen Stacy, Spider-Woman, written by Jason Latour with art by Robbi Rodriguqez.

Issue 3 – written and drawn by Dustin Weaver in his first Marvel project featuring All-New Sci-Fi Spider-Man.

Issue 4 – A terrifying story akin toe Kafka's Metamorphosis written by Clay McCleod Chapman with art by Eisa Bonetti.

Issue 5 – Brings Gerard Way (Umbrella Academy) to his first Marvel project with art by Jake Wyatt in SP//DR

Amazing Spider-Man

The main Spider-Verse story happens in the franchise's main title issues 9-14 but there will be great issues leading up to it. Issue 7 teams Peter up with new Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan). "Kamala feels like the most like classic Peter Parker balancing super powers with teen life," said Slott. This issue also introduces an all new Spider-Man, the Spider-Man of Otherworld of Captain Britain corps) Spider-Man UK. The announcement that got fans the most excitement was the return of MC2 Spider-Girl in October's issue 8.


The mobile game Spider-Man Unlimited will launch in September and available on the App store and Google Play. Described as similar to Temple Run, the September launch will give players access to twenty-three playable Spider-Men with more unlocking when the Spider-Verse event launches.

Some comic tie-ins coming in November:

Spider-Verse Team Up – three issue mini-series with contributions by Christos Gage Roger Stern Tom DeFalco Dave Wiliams and more

Scarlet Spiders – brings the reunites current Scarlet Spider Kaine with original Ben Reilly and Ultimate Comics Jessica Drew all clones of Peter Parker. Written by Mike Costa with art by Paco Diaz

The biggest Spider-Man universe announcement will happen in the Women of Marvel panel on Sunday at 11am.


This is just a small sampling of what Comic Con has to offer. For more coverage from the show floor, follow me on Twitter and Instagram.