C2E2 2014: Marvel - Original Sin

Sat. April 26, 2014 12:00 AM
by Danny Bernardo

Who killed the Watcher? Marvel's murder mystery mega-event Original Sin will bring the heroes of Earth to the remotest corners of the Marvel Universe and force them to confront their own darkest secrets! Executive Editor Mike Marts, Senior Editor Nick Lowe, Editor Jordan D. White, writer James Robinson (Fantastic Four, All-New Invaders), editor Jake Thomas (Punisher), and writer Mark Waid (Daredevil, Hulk) were on hand to give expand upon the event and answer fan questions.

"This will be the Marvel event of the year," Lowe said, as he elaborated on the purpose of the Watchers in the Marvel Universe. Celestial beings who observe every major event in the universe, they hold all the secrets in the Marvel Universe. Not only has someone murdered the Watcher, but they have taken his eye. It is up to all the heroes of the Marvel Universe to solve the murder and to recover the eye to reclaim all the secrets.

The first issues will be written by Jason Aaron with art by Mike Deodato. Major players in this main series include Captain America, Punisher, and Nick Fury, Sr.

A spin-off series Original Sins that will run concurrently will include stories about the Young Avengers, Deathlok, and J. Jonah Jameson, with the third issue focusing on the disappearance of Black Bolt from the pages of Inhumans.

The Young Avengers arc in Original Sins is "a real fun story," said Thomas, which plays with "their outsider nature in the universe." When the team is presented with a significant problem that shakes their core, they have to deal with "all their crazy teenage hormones" as well as questions whose authority they truly trust.

"The coolest thing about Original Sin is how it ties in," said Lowe. Unlike any other event, the tie-ins are completely self-contained to the books that they are tied in. Readers will be able to follow the complete story of Original Sin in the main title without the need to read any other titles to forward the plot. The tie-ins per title serve as supplementary read, and the repercussions of the murder will ripple through throughout almost every title:

Amazing Spider-Man : Issues 4 and 5 (June 2014)

Writer: Dan Slott, Art: Humberto Ramos

Hot on the heels of the relaunch of this iconic title, we learn that Peter Parker wasn't the only one bitten by the eponymous spider. The ramifications of this discovery will have huge ramifications for the story moving forward.

Invaders: Issues 6 and 7

Writer: James Robinson, Art: Mark Lamming

The original sin for this team borne out of the forties has generational repercussions. The J-Pop granddaughter of Golden Girl will be bombarded with memories of the Invaders being able to end the second world war without dropping the atom bomb and her confrontation of this fact with the team will propel the plot of this tie-in.

Fantastic Four : Issues 6 and 7

Writer: James Robinson, Art: Leonard Kirk

Ben Grimm (aka The Thing) finds out that the most likely opportunity to returning him to his human form was messed up by teammate Johnny Storm. The betrayal cuts deeper when Ben finds out Johnny and Reed have decided to never tell him. While playing coy with the full details, Lowe revealed that this arc would tie-in directly into Ben being a murderer, elaborating: "James has some great plans for Fantastic Four."

Hulk vs. Iron Man

Issues 1 and 3 –writer: Mark Waid, art: Mark Bagley

Issues 2 and 4 – writer Kieron Gillen, art: Luke Ross

"I love Tony and Bruce as science bros," said Waid about the inspiration for the book. The iconic Avengers will learn in the series that they do not quite know everything there is to know about the Hulk origin story. "They have to investigate what connection Tony has in the gamma bomb that created the Hulk," Waid said, elaborating that not doing so could cause Bruce to "get mad. And we don't want Bruce to get mad."

Daredevil (July 2014)

Writer: Mark Waid, art: Javier Rodriguez

One of the biggest mysteries in Matt Murdoch's life will be investigated during his Original Sin story line. Fans know that Matt was raised solely by his father as a child and only just became aware of his mother Sister Maggie over the last few years. "We never really talked about why she left," said Waid, but that will change in Original Sin. The revelation of her depature will cause the bottom of his world to fall out. "It is a shame that she is in prison and Matt has never been sorrier that he can no longer practice law in New York state because he is the only one who can save her."


Original Sin will play out over all the titles. Some highlights include:

New Avengers

Captain America finds out that Dr. Strange wiped his mind and the repercussions ripples through both this title and the main Avengers title which also sets into motion grand plans by writer Jonathan Hickman.

Mighty Avengers: issues 10-11 (May and June 2014)

After Blade was revealed to be the mysterious Ronin, there will be some flashbacks to the 1970's, where we learn more about the history between Blue Marvel and Blade, as well as how Luke Cage's father plays into these events.

Uncanny X-Men #23

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis, Art: Chris Bachalo

The last will and testament of the late Charles Xavier surfaces, revealing a deep dark secret that sheds some light on the true character of the X-Men's founder.

Deadpool #29

Writers: Gerry Duggan Brian Posehn , Art: John Lucas

Readers will find out what really happened to Deadpool's family. This darkly fun story will feature Deadpool's wife's vampire enemies and a team-up Disco-era Dazzler. "It's going to be a really twisted arc for sure," said White.

Nova – Issues 18 and 19 (June 2014)

Writer: Gerry Duggan, Art: David Baldeon

Over the course of the new Nova series it was discovered there was a secret Black Nova Corps. Over the course of Original Sam, Nova lead Sam finds out the mystery of his father and his connection to the Black Nova's.

"The Watcher who dies in Original Sin#1 is one of Sam's best friends," said Lowe. "When he learns about the Watcher's death it's going to have a huge impact for him as well."

Thor and Loki: The Tenth Realm

Writers: Jason Aaron, Al Ewing; Art: Simone Bianchi, Lee Garbett

It is revealed during Original Sin that Odin has another child in the Tenth Realm that will play a huge part in the Thor and Loki books. It was revealed that that the child is Angela, a newly acquired character from the nineties that made her first appearance in Guardians of Galaxy . This arc will change the Asgardian universe forever.


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