C2E2 2014: Marvel - Spider-Verse

Sat. April 26, 2014 12:00 AM
by Danny Bernardo

It's the most epic Spider-Man event of all time as every Spider-Man EVER come together to face a world-ending threat! Senior Editor Nick Lowe, Joshua Hale Fialkov (Amazing Spider-Man: Who Am I? Infinite Comic), Ramón Pérez (Amazing Spider-Man), James Robinson (Fantastic Four), and Mark Waid (Daredevil) were on hand to expand on what's next for everyone's favorite webcrawler:

Amazing Spider-Man #1 – April 30, 2014

Writer: Dan Slott, Art: Humberto Ramos

The relaunch of the iconic book picks up where the finale of Superior Spider-Man leaves off with Peter Parker reclaiming his body and the mantle of Spider-Man from Otto Octavius, after a tumultuous year and a half. As Peter tries to pick up his life, we are introduced to the villains of the first five issues: Electro and Peter's ex-girlfriend/ally Black Cat.

"Last time we saw Black Cat in Superior Spider-Man, Otto webbed her up and her identity was revealed," explained Lowe. "It didn't make Felicia very happy."

Another huge revelation in this first issue is the eponymous spider biting another character, who will be revealed to be Silk in Spider-Man's Original Sin arc.

Amazing Spider-Man: Learning to Crawl

Writer: Dan Slott, Art: Ramon Perez, Covers: Alex Ross

Appearing as special issues 1.1 and 1.2, "Learning to Crawl" is an arc that fills the gaps between Spider-Man's first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15 and the beginning of his superhero career through the first five issues of the original series. Several events that have never appeared on panel before will come to life in this arc, including Uncle Ben's funeral and a never-before-seen villain named Clash. As the arc closes, readers will be left wondering where Clash has been since the start of the series and how will he come into play with the relaunch.

Amazing Spider-Man: Who Am I?

Writers: Dan Slott, Joshua Hale Fialkov; Art: Juan Bobillo

An exclusive story that will run on Marvel's digital Infinite brand, Who Am I? begins with Peter coming to consciousness in the middle of a bank robbery that he is perpetrating with no memory of himself. This six-issue story explores what makes the hero: the man or the power. "If you get rid of everything about Peter Parker," said Fialkov. "If you take away Uncle Ben, Gwen Stacy, Captain Stacy, what do you have left? All he knows is that he's a guy with super powers."

The first five issues will be available May 6.

Spider-Man 2099: July 2014

Writer: Peter David, Art: Will Sliney

Hot off the pages of Superior Spider-Man, Miguel O'Hara (aka Spider-Man 2099) is stuck in our timestream and forced to work at Alchemax, the corporation that ruins his own timestream. As the story progresses, we begin to see Norman Osborn's involvement in Alchemax, as well as Peter Parker assisting Miguel in his adventures.

Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business (Graphic Novel)

Writer: Mark Waid, James Robinson; Art: Gabrielle Dell'Otto, Werther Dell'Edera

"What's big enough to center a Spider-Man graphic novel around?" posited Waid, about his inspiration for the original graphic novel. Expanding on that inspiration, he kept coming back to "a scene where Peter's in trouble, someone says 'take my hand if you want to live' and it turns out to be Peter's sister." Family Business plays off of the shadowed past of Peter's parents as spies and how it affects his present.


The huge Spider-Man event of the year that will feature every version of Spider-Man Marvel can legally use will launch in November. Fan's will get a special sneak peek in the back of next week's Free Comic Book Day issues of Guardians of the Galaxy , in a backup interior that featured Spider-Man 1602 and villain. Morlun

Spider-Verse will be written by Dan Slott, with art by Olivier Copiel


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