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Jason Hawke

Jason Hawke interview with ChicagoPride.com

Wed. September 1, 2004  by ChicagoPride.com

Jason Hawke
Jason Hawke was born and raised in Argentina and would have never thought he’d be in gay porn. That was until 5 years ago when he meet an agent on Venice Beach and the rest is history.

His first video was for Jet Set Productions and he’s appeared in more than 50 gay videos. (View List) Jason can also be seen regularly on Chi Chi Larue’s “Live and Raw” website.

Jason is dating fellow porn star Jeremy Jordan.

By most accounts, the sexy couple has the longest-running relationship in gay porn to date.

They maintain an “open relationship” and have appeared in several steamy videos together.

The sexy Jason Hawke will make an appearance at Sound-Bar’s Big Labor Gay Event, Sunday, September 5th.

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Jason took time for this ChicagoPride.com interview.

Date of Birth: 02/14/79 – Sign: Aquarius - Residence: Hollywood – Hair Color: Brown – Eye Color: Blue/Green – Height: 5’10” – Position: Versatile/Top

CP: How and when did you get into the adult movie industry?

(What was the name of the movie?)

JH: I started doing movies almost 5 years ago. I lived in Venice Beach at that time. I was walking by the beach and an Agent came up to me and gave me his card, the rest is history! The name of my first movie is "Lords of Jet Set Manor" by Jet Set Productions.

CP: What surprised you most about your first porn experience?

JH: How fast it went.

CP: How many movies have you starred in and which is your favorite and why?

JH: I’ve done close to 50 movies. My favorite one is, of course, “The Violation” (purchase movie) by Jocks Studios.

That’s when my b/f and I met!

CP: Who is your favorite co-star and why?

JH: Same thing, my hubby Jeremy Jordan!

CP: Who works harder in a movie?

The top or bottom?

JH: Totally equal! Every scene is different.

CP: What is your “I’m turned on button” (neck, ears, nipples, etc.)

JH: If the guy smells good!

CP: What is one of the strangest things that have ever happened when filming a scene?

JH: When filming a movie in Palm Springs a guy fell asleep while suckin my...

He partied a little too hard with the wrong stuff!

What’s even more strange is the same thing happened while he was doing a scene with another guy, he got fired right away!

CP: Is “faking it” common on porn sets or is the chemistry and scenes real?

JH: “Faking it” is definitely common on porn sets!

You can really tell when you watch a scene which ones are with chemistry because they are usually outstanding!

CP: So you and Jeremy are still romantically linked, how long have you been dating?

JH: Yes we’re still together!

We had our 4 year anniversary in July!

CP: You’re relationship with Jeremy is said to be the longest running in gay porn history.

What makes it work?

JH: Don’t play games, be honest to each other and respect the fact that neither one is perfect.

CP: You and Jeremy have performed together in numerous flicks.

What is this like?

JH: It’s always fun!

CP: Is it hard to date while working in the industry?

JH: It definitely has its ups and downs because a lot of people try to get a piece of you and it doesn’t matter to them if you’re in a relationship or not.

But when it comes down to it there are definitely way more ups then downs.

We’re having a damn good time!

CP: Recount (as much or as little as you’d like) your best/hottest sexual encounter.

JH: I had so many I couldn’t even tell you which one was the hottest, but there was this one time my b/f and I went to Orlando.

We hooked up with two guys and we ended up… for hours, that was pretty hot.

CP: Do you have any favorite places in Chicago?

JH: Not yet but I’ll let ya know!

I’ve only been to Chicago once.

CP: What is something in your home that would make a stranger thing you were gay?

JH: Our d*ldo collection, LOL.

CP: What is something that might make a stranger think you are straight?

JH: My attitude.

CP: How do you spend your free time?

JH: Working out, going out and having a whole lot of fun!

CP: What is your theme (favorite) song?

JH: Here are a few of my favorite songs of all times: “Stairway to Heaven” Led Zeppelin, “Nothing Else Matters” Metallica, “Turn the Page” Bob Seger, “Riders on the Storm” The Doors, “Behind Blue Eyes” Limp Bizkit, “The Show Must Go On” Queen… the list goes on and on…

See Jason Hawke at Sound-Bar’s Big Labor Gay Event, Sunday, September 5th.

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