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Johnny Hazzard

Johnny Hazzard interview with ChicagoPride.com

Sat. July 3, 2004  by ChicagoPride.com

Johnny Hazzard
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Rascal Video Exclusive Johnny Hazzard will make an appearance at Sound-Bar on the Fourth of July.

Hazzard’s first on-screen appearance was in the Chi Chi LaRue Directed, Rascal movie “Detention” (buy movie) in a supporting role.

Everyone’s hopes of Johnny becoming the next big thing were cemented when Johnny got nominated for “Best Newcomer”, “Best Three Way” and “Best Group Scene” for the 2004 GayVN Awards.

Johnny’s second movie landed him in a starring role called “What Men Do”.

Johnny Hazzard was also recently immortalized in a stunning, hardbound photo book from Bruno Gmünder. The full color book, a necessity for every gay man's coffee table, hit the stores and online retailers in April 2004.

Also, look for Johnny Hazzard in “Stone Fox” (buy movie), “In Bed With”, “Raw Footage”, and the upcoming “Collide” which was filmed entirely in Berlin, Germany. Also be on the look out for the upcoming series “BOLT”, which will be Johnny’s signature series for Rascal Video. (photos of Johnny Hazzard)

Recently, Johnny took a moment to answer our 21 Questions.

Date of Birth: September 21, 1977

Birth sign: Virgo/Libra

CP: How and when did you get into the adult movie industry?

(What was the name of the movie?)

JH: I came in to the biz in April of last year (2003). I wanted to give the biz a try and made a call to an old buddy, sent em a pic, and there you go, my first flick was "Oral Exams 2."

CP: How many movies have you starred in and which is your favorite and why?

JH: I have starred in 2 movies, "Bolt" is my favorite because I got to pick my co stars and the movie I felt reflected me completely.

CP: What is your “I’m turned on button” (neck, ears, nipples, etc.)?

JH: What turns me on is a good kisser.

CP: Recount (as much or as little as you’d like) your best/hottest sexual encounter (you don’t have to go into too much detail...)

JH: My hottest sexual experience to date was an group orgy of about 40 guys under a deck on the beach.

CP: Who is your favorite co-star and why?

JH: Zak Spears, I love his look, his feel, his size everything about him!

CP: Describe your ideal mate.

JH: Hmmm, I dont know, I dont think its fair to create a mold, expectations arent very healthy for me to have.

CP: What is sexy?

JH: Sexy is confidence.

CP: Boxers? Briefs? Both? Neither?

JH: Neither.

CP: What’s under and/or next to your bed?

JH: Vaccum cleaner attachments are under my bed and a tiffany lamp is next to it, with all my jewelry.

CP: What is something in your home that would make a stranger KNOW you were gay?

JH: The only thing in my home that would out me is my porn.

CP: What is something that might make a stranger think you were straight?

JH: Everything else says im straight.

CP: What is always in your fridge?

JH: Soy milk, eggs, broccolli, tuna, soy cheese, and apples, berries and carrots with brown rice.

CP: If you could trade places with anyone for a few days, who would it be?

JH: There is no one I would like to be except maybe the Olsen Twins, I love them.

CP: What is your indulgence?

JH: I love deep dish pizza and chocolate chip cookies.

CP: What was high school like for you?

JH: High school sucked royally, lots of torment and teasing until i was a junior, and they all had left.

CP: When not traveling where do you call home?

JH: I call Provincetown and San Fransisco home.

CP: How do you spend your free time?

JH: I like to cook and create.

CP: What fictional character do you most identify with?

JH: I haven't read that much to be able to identify with anybody.

CP: Who would play you if your life story were made into a movie and why?

JH: I dont think anybody should play me but me.

CP: What is your worst fashion mistake?

JH: My worst fashion mistake was probably when I liked to match my sweater with my socks in junior high, no wonder high school sucked!

CP: What is your “theme” (favorite) song?

JH: "Carefree highway" by Gordon Lightfoot.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.

Meet the sexy Johnny Hazzard Sunday, July 4th at Sound-Bar. (Event Details)

Interviewed by ChicagoPride.com