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DJ Seth Cooper

Remixed: DJ Seth Cooper returns with an all-new mix for Pride

Thu. June 27, 2013  by ChicagoPride.com

I'm also a huge risk-taker and like to throw the occasional curve ball just to spice things up and at some great, memorable moments to the night.
DJ Seth Cooper
Fresh on the heels of his extraordinary Chicago debut in February, DJ/Producer Seth Cooper, who is known for his wildly popular remixes and mash-ups, returns to the Windy City for Hydrate's Pride Party on Sun., June 30.

As the recipient of many awards such as "#1 Up and Coming DJ", "Best DJ/Remixer/Producer", and "Best Circuit Tour", Seth's passion is expressed by the music that is played at his events worldwide. His dance floors welcome diversity and inclusion for people who love to dance.

ChicagoPride.com talked to DJ Seth Cooper as he prepares to return to Chicago for Pride.

CP: You made your Chicago debut earlier this year, how was that experience?

SC: Chicago has been a great experience so far. CircuitMom's Freedom Revolution was off the chain and I'm so excited to return to Hydrate for Chicago Pride.

CP: How did the Chicago crowds react to your music?

SC: Many folks came up to me and mentioned they really liked what I was doing with my mashups and they also liked the mixed use of old hits and brand new tracks that they haven't heard yet before.

CP: What can we expect from you this Sunday at Hydrate?

SC: For this Pride party, I have an arsenal of tracks to debut and I am very excited to test the crowd's reaction. I'm primarily going to go with the crowd, but you can definitely count on a lot of energy either way.

CP: Shirt on or off?

SC: Shirt off! [laughs]

CP: Can you give us a hint of any of the tracks we might hear?

SC: I am wrapping up a mix of Kelly Rowland's Freak and I'm loving the Danny Verde mix of Cher's Woman's World.

CP: How would you describe your style?

SC: I love the energy of "circuit" tracks. Back when I was growing up, "circuit" related almost entirely to the energy of the dance floor and hearing a rare, unreleased dance mix. By the way, in this time period almost all tracks had vocals - think Thunderpuss and Hex Hector. I love percussion, I love synths, but I also like strong vocals - from diva's to pop stars - if not too overdone. My style combines all of the above, to me that's what makes a great set and musical journey. That's what my dance floors primarily love and after 10 years, there's got to be some truth to that formula. I pivot throughout the night based on the crowd response and will change directions. I'm also a huge risk-taker and like to throw the occasional curve ball just to spice things up and add some great, memorable moments to the night.

(Watch Seth drop Phil Collins to a packed house in Atlanta)

CP: What is one of the major highlights of your career?

SC: There are so many great memories, it's hard to pick just one. I think back to the first time my favorite artist tweeted me to the time that I opened up my own record label (lifelong dream), and then to the nights I got to open for some of my favorite DJ's, back when I was just starting out. Overall, it would have to be the first time I ever hard one of my mixes played at Arabian Nights over Gay Days Weekend. Hearing your own mix played (when you weren't even sure other DJ's were aware of it, let alone playing it) to a crowd of 7-8k was enough fuel to send me to the moon. And, I danced until close that morning!

CP: Do you currently have any club residencies or other regular gigs?

SC: Over the years, I chose a different path than other DJ's. I always enjoyed playing at events and that is what excited me, so that's what I pursued. During events, the crowd has always been more receptive in letting the DJ do their job and steer the night. While I don't have any particular residencies, it's my 6th year doing the Splash Days After Hours and my visits have been taking me back to Jungle in Atlanta often. No complaints either, those guys in Texas and Atlanta love to dance.

CP: Tell us briefly about yourself. Where are you from?

SC: I was born and raised in Ft. Lauderdale and though I started DJ'ing in Florida, things really took off when I moved to Austin, Texas. So in a lot of ways, I've always felt like I am "from" Austin. As much as I love Austin, I was ready for a change. Late last year, the opportunity to move to Chicago became available. Having visited Chicago many times before, it was a no brainer.

CP: What interesting jobs did you have before becoming a music producer, remixer and DJ?

SC: I actually got my start into the music business by working at a club as a barback/busser for 2 years in Orlando while also promoting special events. With this, came opportunities to background dance for entertainers and produce their show mixes. There was so much passion for me behind the music, that I began to pursue DJ'ing more and more.

CP: Single or taken?

SC: Single

Catch the sexy, shirtless and single DJ Seth Cooper at Hydrate on Sun., June 30 from Midnight until 4 a.m. for the Hydrate Pride Blowout.

Interviewed by ChicagoPride.com