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Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen: ...we have a great representation of gays and lesbians on Bravo.

Wed. June 8, 2011  by Windy City Times

...we have a great representation of gays and lesbians on Bravo.
Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen talks to the Windy City Times about 'OUT in America,' 'Real Housewives' and more

Andy Cohen, executive vice president of original programming on the Bravo network, is interviewed candidly on the new OUT in America for PBS that premieres Wed., June 8. The host of Watch What Happens Live opens up about his personal life for the world to see.

WCT: (Windy City Times) Hi, Andy. Happy birthday!

AC: (Andy Cohen) Thank you very much.

WCT: Do you have any big plans to celebrate?

AC: I am filming a show so I will be working but it will be fun anyway. It is a party.

WCT: You better get some cake.

AC: I will.

WCT: So how did get involved with the OUT in America project for PBS?

AC: They just came to me and, look, anything that PBS does has a lot of integrity. It sounded like something positive for our community so I wanted to be a part of it.

WCT: Where did you grow up?

AC: I grew up in St. Louis.

WCT: Was it conservative?

AC: No, it was a liberal Jewish upbringing.

WCT: So were you out of the closet a long time?

AC: Since I was 20.

WCT: The focus on the documentary is coming out, so how was the experience being interviewed for you?

AC: It was good. I think it was good for our community. They got a really diverse group of people and I think it is good. I am happy it is airing.

WCT: You have done so many interviews yourself. Has there been one that meant a lot to you?

AC: That's a good question. What means a lot to me as far as pride is putting various gay people on our shows and the fact that we have a great representation of gays and lesbians on Bravo. I think that is really important.

WCT: Do you feel like you discovered Nene Leakes [of Real Housewives of Atlants]?

AC: I feel like Bravo did, you bet.

WCT: Where do you see Bravo going in the future?

AC: Hopefully, building on the success that we have going. We have Platinum Hit going right now. I love Million Dollar Decorators. I am obsessed with it. I am hoping these new shows will launch big, we have Rocco's Dinner Party coming up so this summer is big for us.

WCT: Will there be a Real Housewives of Chicago?

AC: Not that I am aware of, no, but I like the idea.

WCT: How much are you involved with all the deciding of concepts with these shows?

AC: Very. I work with our development team.

WCT: I have done a ton of interviewing and promoting your network so that is my birthday present to you.

AC: Thank you.

Don't miss this one-hour movie that features interviews with Andy, Chely Wright, Kate Clinton and Armistead Maupin. For details and listings visit www.pbs.org.

Interview by Jerry Nunn for Windy City Times


Interviewed by Windy City Times