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Nicco Sky

Nicco Sky: Why would I rate myself anything less than a 10?

Wed. May 11, 2011  by Brett Anthony

Why would I rate myself anything less than a 10?
Nicco Sky

Randy Blue exclusive Nicco Sky explains why he rates himself a "10" in this GoPride.com interview.

RandyBlue.com exclusive Nicco Sky might be a new face in the industry, but with a 2011 Grabby nomination for "Best Actor," the 24-year-old actor is certainly making a name for himself.

As GoPride.com sat down with the fiery Latino, we quickly learned he was extremely confident when he rated himself a 10. "Why would I rate myself any less," he asked.

Here, the adorably confident actor talks about his career, his favorite co-star and his passion for porn.

BA: (Brett Anthony) You're relatively new in the adult industry and not much is known about you... so how did you get into the industry?

NS: (Nicco Sky) I submitted myself. I always had a interest in the porn industry as a horny teenager and when I got enough confidence I sent some pics to my favorite website. They loved me and I've worked for Randy Blue ever since.

BA: Did you always know you wanted to be a porn star?

NS: No. But I always felt like I would be good at it.

BA: Where are you from?

NS: I'm from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

BA: And your nationality?

NS: One hundred-percent Hispanic.

BA: What did your friends and family back in Albuquerque say when you told them your decision?

NS: I never officially told a lot of my friends and family my decision. Most people just found out. Everybody is pretty supportive. I'm an extremely level headed and independent person so anybody that knows me would know I'm going to do what I want to do.

BA: How did you decide your acting name?

NS: The lead singer from the 70's band The Velvet Underground is where I got the name Nicco. And Sky just sounded like it fit right.

BA: What was your first day on the set like?

NS: Easy. It was just me jacking off in front of a few guys with a camera. I've done that a million times, [laughs]minus the camera.

BA: What surprised you most about your first on set experience?

NS: How quickly it went by. It was only a couple of hours and I was done.

BA: I read that you played soccer for years, is this what we can attribute to your very developed legs and thighs?

NS: I would definitely say so. I played soccer and basketball through my childhood.

BA: So, what was high school like for you?

NS: I was definitely not the most popular person. I was shy, skinny and awkward. It was a pretty uncomfortable experience for me like it is for most people.

BA: When was the first time you had sex? Was it with a boy or girl?

NS: The first time I had sex I was a freshman in high school and it was with a senior. He was gay and thought I was kind of cute so he approached me. He was black and very well endowed but ended up being a big bottom. We hooked up and he took my virginity. That was the only time we ever talked. I've never slept with a woman.

BA: Where's the strangest place you've ever had sex?

NS: In a dark shed behind my friend's house while his parents where sleeping. They didn't know he was gay.

BA: Since you are a fresh face in the industry, tell us something interesting or unknown about yourself.

NS: I'm a music enthusiast and own over 30 pairs of shoes, mostly high tops. Shoe fetish, you think?

BA: Absolutely! So what is your "turned on" button?

NS: My chest. Im extremely sensitive there. It's an instant way to get what you want from me.

BA: So you seem to bottom most, is that your preference?

NS: I like bottoming. I can totally get off while I'm bottoming. It is something to be seen. But I love a guy with a nice ass that can take a pounding. It's always a pleasure to be the one pounding.

BA: Something to be seen? Alright, who works harder in a movie, the top or bottom?

NS: Both should work equally as hard. And have equally as much fun. Its porn, its got to be scorching hot.

BA: Who has been your favorite co-star?

NS: Diego Sans. We didn't need much direction for that scene. Or Alexander Kudrov. That scene didn't last long enough in my opinion. I also have a scene coming out with Ash Taylor. He is a big, sexy man. We definitely had amazing on-screen chemistry.

BA: Is there anyone you really want to work with on-screen?

NS: There are a lot of Randy Blue boys I want to work with. There are even a lot of Randy Blue boys I want to work with again. I think a hot scene would be myself, Cayden Ross, and Brent Diggs in a full-on, flip-flop f*ckfest!

BA: Would you date or sleep with a fan? And, well, have you ever?

NS: I haven't but it might be hot to have sex with a fan. If it was a really sexy fan. But it might be a little harder to date one.

BA: Is your sex life as hot as on screen?

NS: Lately, Yes!

BA: You have received nominations for Best Actor and Best Three Way at this year's Grabbys, so how are you feeling about all of this recognition from fans?

NS: I think it's so cool that people like the work I've done so much that they would vote for me. I guess that means I'm doing a good job! I'm grateful.

BA: Will you be attending the Grabbys?

NS: I will be there. This will be my first time going to the Grabbys so I'm pretty excited.

BA: When you are out in public, do you like when guys recognize you?

NS: I do. It's flattering but also funny cause I know they will go home and rub one out to me later.

BA: And finally, on a scale of 1 to 10, how you you rate yourself as a porn star?

NS: 10! Why would I rate myself any less? I f*ck hard to be a 10.

BA: Alright, explain. What's the best asset you bring to a film... what makes you better than the other guys?

NS: A love of voyeurism. No matter what scene partner, scenario, or set up I have to work with, I always make it a stellar scene because I get off on being gotten off to and that is what porn is all about.

The 2011 Grabby Awards are Saturday, May 28 in Chicago. For more information visit grabbys.com.

Interviewed by Brett Anthony


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