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Jayden Grey

Jayden Grey interview with ChicagoPride.com

Wed. May 4, 2011  by Brett Anthony

Jayden Grey

He might be considered a new comer, but he's sharing his experiences with GoPride.com

Iowa native Jayden Grey might be considered a new comer in the industry, but this sexy corn-fed farm boy is quickly gaining experience and he is having plenty of fun in the process.

The 22-year-old star takes a moment to talk to GoPride.com about his Grabby nomination, the celebrity of porn and growing up in the Midwest. He also offers an opinion or two about a few co-stars and directors – including his personal award for Worst and Rudest Director.

BA: (Brett Anthony) First, congrats on your "New Comer" Grabby nomination. Is this your first nomination?

JG: (Jayden Grey) Thank you! Yes this is my first nomination for a Grabby award.

BA: How does it feel to be nominated?

JG: I am honored and very excited. Just being nominated is enough but if I win it would be even better.

BA: So you're fairly new to the industry, how did you first get started?

JG: I have been in the industry for 2 years now. I got into the industry because I needed to make money to pay off some things back in Iowa.

BA: And what did your friends say when you told them about your decision?

JG: They were all jealous and excited that I was going to do something fun and different. Coming from Iowa being a porn star is like being a celebrity.

BA: How did you decide your acting name?

JG: I always like the name Jayden. Grey is a name that was given to me by some performers in Iowa.

BA: What was your first day on the set like?

JG: It was nerve racking and I didn't know what to expect.

BA: And, what surprised you most about your first on set experience?

JG: Just the location we were filming at was sleazy and gross.

BA: To date, how many movies have you made so far?

JG: DVD's I would have to say about 15, give or take a few.

BA: So I checked our your blog and you often share your favorites, from directors to co-stars. So quickly, who has been your favorite co-star and why?

JG: My favorite co-stars, I have had a few but the main one I love giving credit to is Austin Wilde but Adam Killian and Landon Conrad would be next on the list.

BA: And least favorite?

JG: Saying this with no disrespect to this person, but I would have to say Jake Lyons and Niko Reaves. There are a few more but those are the two that stand out the most.

BA: Any favorite or least favorite directors?

JG: My favorite directors… Brian from Titan Media, John Bruno from Falcon, Chi-Chi Larue C1R. Worst and rudest director would have to be Christian Owen from HotHouse Entertainment.

BA: Who do you still want to work with onscreen?

JG: There are a lot of guys that I would like to work with. Rod Daily, Brent Corrigan but I know that won't ever happen, but whatever.

BA: Are you single or taken?

JG: Technically I'm single, but I have a really close friend with benefits.

BA: [laughs] So, has working in the industry changed your dating life?

JG: Not really I mean relationships come and go. Looking for someone that can handle what I do. It's hard to find so I usually let them find me. It is less work that I have to do, not saying that I am lazy cause that's not true at all. I work my ass off for everything I do.

BA: That you do! What would you say is more interesting, your sex life behind or in front of the camera?

JG: My person sex life is very exciting and I love it. But on screen is hot and interesting at times too.

BA: Where do you call home?

JG: I call Los Angeles home, but my true home is Iowa.

BA: How do you spend your free time?

JG: I love chilling at home, going to movies, like going out sometimes but I am not big on drinking or partying. I love the beach and working out.

BA: You'll be coming to Chicago for the Grabbys in May. Got anything planned?

JG: Just the typical porn events that are going on.

BA: I have to ask this question for all of your Chicago fans, have you ever slept with a fan?

JG: Yeah. I mean in my line of work its common to do.

Date of Birth: July 8th

Sign: Cancer

Residence: West Hollywood, CA

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5'10

Position: versatile bottom, love topping when I get the chance.

Shoe Size: 11

Interviewed by Brett Anthony