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Louis Boroff

Louis Boroff interview with ChicagoPride.com

Sat. March 19, 2011  by Kinley Preston

Louis Boroff
Louis Lee Boroff is no stranger when in comes to the LGBT community of Chicago. He is always seen with a genuine smile on his face and camera in tow. With his upbeat personality and big heart, well you can't help but to like the guy.

His passion to go beyond the job description stems from years of restaurant work. In 2008 Louis picked up and moved to Chicago to pursue that passion, photography.

Creating Louis Boroff Images as a freelance photographer his camera captures a wide range of photography including- portraits, events, performance, weddings, scenic and interior. "It is so awesome to get paid to do what you truly love. To capture special moments in time is a privilege to me." says Louis

After befriending many people who are involed in the creative world of live entertaining along with photographing numerous shows Louis found another love, The Continental Pageantry System. Louis has spent the past few years getting involved with Continetal on different levels from photography to assisting on the big night which takes place Labor Day Weekend in Chicago at the Park West.

His hard work has finally payed off. Jim Flint owner of the Continental System as well as the world famous Baton Show Lounge has allowed Louis to enter into the Continetal family as a promoter.

On March 21st at 9 pm Louis will watch another dream unfold before his eyes. His pageant, North Shore Continental - a preliminary pageant to Mr and Miss Continental, will take place at the Baton which is located at 436 N. Clark. Contestants will compete in four catagories- Inteview, Evening Wear, Swimwear and Talent.

KP: Out of all the pageantry sytems in the country why did you choose to get involved with Continental?

LB: I am loyal to Continental because of how wonderful I have been treated by Jim Flint and staff.

I am now part of that family. I truly feel Continental is a great system and one that has evolved and has been such a huge factor for entertainers all across the country.

KP: How did you come up with the name North Shore Continental?

LB: I was brainstorming with a former Miss Continental and were bouncing around ideas. The North Shore of Chicago is filled with beauty and distinctive charm. I knew it was the perfect name for my preliminary.

KP: What do the winners of North Shore Continental recieve?

LB: The winners are awarded cash, prizes and sponsorship to assist them with their package to Continental.

KP: This is your first year as a promoter, are you nervous?

LB: I am a bit nervous but that is to be expected.

This is a dream of mine and it is coming true and I want it to go smoothly and be a success.

KP: It is competitive for contestants but do you feel it is competitive amongst promoters as well?

LB: I am the new kid on the block as a first year. Contestants have an idea of which promoter/pageant they want to try to win. I am a team player so I would never compete with other Continental promoters. I've been given so much support from other promoters. It has been awesome!

KP: What is your hope for North Shore Continental?

LB: My biggest hope is that it is successful and is around for years to come. More importantly, that when you hear North Shore Continental, you know that it is a pageant that is fair, classy and has promoters dedicated to it!

KP: One last question. Are you going to be doing the photograghy at your pageant?

LB: I may take a photo or two but I have told myself to focus on other things. I am even flying in D'Wess from Atlanta to do the video. I try to do it all but won't be able to the night of the pageant. (smiles and laughs)

Tickets for North Shore Continental are $10 in advance and $15 at the door. The night will be emceed by Kelly Lauren and will include performances by Nick Gray, Mokha Montrese, Mercedes and Coco VanCartier. Doors will open at 8 pm.

The GoPride Network wishes Louis and his contestants the best of luck on the 21st and in the future. For more on Louis's photography you can check out his website at www.louisboroffimages.com

And for more information on the Continental Pageantry System and the Baton Show Lounge go to www.thebatonshowlounge.com

Interviewed by Kinley Preston