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Madison Hildebrand

Madison Hildebrand interview with ChicagoPride.com

Wed. January 26, 2011  by Jerry Nunn

Madison Hildebrand
Madison Hildebrand is selling up a storm on the fourth season of Bravo's hit television series Million Dollar Listing. The show follows three high-end realtors and their adventures in the current market.

JN: (Jerry Nunn) Hi, Madison. Four seasons, can you believe it?

MH: (Madison Hildebrand) Four seasons, here we are!

JN: How did you get on the show in the first place?

MH: Basically, I was just starting out in real estate. I had only been in it three or four months in Malibu. Bravo was casting for a show and I got a call. I went from interview to interview. We did one season and I was never expecting to do a second season, much less a third or fourth. Now I have become a reality television personality.

JN: Yes, you have. Do you think that adds to the business or do you think sometimes people don't take you seriously?

MH: I think it adds to business for sure. It has increased my exposure and ability to market my listings and attract new clients. It may have pigeonholed me with certain clientele but most are pretty open minded and liberal. There are not a lot that I have excluded that I know of.

JN: How hard is it to sell in this current market?

MH: Last season was so stressful and emotional with the market. This season seems to have more big million-dollar real estate deals, there are great clients, lots of drama and a new character. There is a whole different vibe going on this season in light of the economy, which seems to be better.

JN: The economy does seem to be getting better…

MH: Thank gosh.

JN: You had the whole coming out process last season.

MH: It was over two seasons. It dragged on.

JN: Why did you decide to do it?

MH: It felt like something I was supposed to do. It was a struggle in my own life. I came out on the other side feeling very comfortable with myself and very proud that I went through the process. I didn't have to hide it and it was so much easier afterwards. I felt I had a great opportunity to tell my story and felt I could reach out to people in the same position. It really was and is an amazing experience to be able to do that. The amount of feedback, the e-mails, the fan letters, the phone calls from grown men to women, children, teenagers to all sorts that were touched in some way where they said they were inspired and wanted to go through the same process. It was an involved emotional reaction that I enjoyed.

JN: Are you active in LGBT events now?

MH: I constantly reach out, support or attend all of those things now. Bravo asked me to march in the parade on the float in West Hollywood last year but I was not available to do it.

JN: Do you want to write another book such as the one you wrote Activate YOUR Passion, Activate YOUR Career?

MH: Probably, but not right now. It was a long process that I enjoyed and cool to have the reaction from people. I was able to share whatever information I have to be successful with others. I definitely liked writing the book. I have a co-author already. It will be more of a real estate junkie book as opposed to a how to one.

JN: What do you recommend for people selling their house?

MH: To get top dollar you have to declutter and get curb appeal. You have to take a serious look at how you present yourself and your house. It is no longer that you are living there and waking up. You have to repackage and rebrand your home. It needs fresh paint and to be cleaned. You have to put some effort into it if you really want to get it sold in this market because it really is competitive. You have to stand out and the house has to show better than anything else in its price range. It will sit and sit and sit.

JN: You can see on the show that everyone thinks their property is worth more than it is.

MH: Oh that is for sure.

JN: I saw a couple of episodes and I am left hanging with your story.

MH: I haven't even seen them yet.

JN: They are rough cuts so probably finishing them up now. How's your dog Rex?

MH: My dog? He's so good but old. He's fourteen now. He can't do all the kayaking and fun stuff with me anymore.

JN: Are you still single?

MH: I am. I don't want to be anymore.

JN: You are getting hit on a lot on Facebook from what it says on the first episode.

MH: Yes, but it is hard to pay attention to anyone that reaches out to the show that wants to go out on a date. It seems weird to me.

JN: I understand that. It is hard to trust people.

MH: It is. That's the problem.

JN: People can go to your web site (www.TheMalibuLife.com) to find you professionally?

MH: Yes and I am on Twitter MadisonMalibu or my Facebook page.

JN: So if someone wants to buy or sell a house then they can get a hold of you.

MH: That's the trick of this all. My phone numbers and e-mails are all very public. I am very reachable.

JN: Well, you be careful, mister, and keep selling those houses!

Visit www.bravotv.com for times and schedule as this show debuts on Feb 3.

Interviewed by Jerry Nunn. Jerry Nunn is a contributing writer to the GoPride Network. His work is also featured in Windy City Times, Nightspots Magazine and syndicated nationally.