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Kaci Battaglia

Kaci Battaglia interview with ChicagoPride.com

Wed. November 10, 2010  by Windy City Times

Kaci Battaglia
Kaci Battaglia is visiting a local gay bar for some "Body Shots" and Windy City Times had a sip or two with the diva before she got "Crazy Possessive."

WCT: (Windy City Times) Hey, Kaci! I heard you are not feeling well today.

KB: (Kaci Battaglia) When you are on the road and working constantly. The weather is changing depending on where I go. I usually get kind of sick around this time of year.

WCT: Poor thing. What is your background?

KB: I was born and raised in Clearwater, Fla., and now I live on the beach.

WCT: So you still live in Florida.

KB: Still live here. I have moved around a bit. I lived in Los Angeles and then stayed in London for a while. [In England] I lived in Kensington for a summer and went to Cambridge. My mom traveled around with me my whole life until I got back in the industry a few years ago and now I venture out on my own obviously.

WCT: What is your ethnicity?

KB: I am all white and Italian. I am Sicilian, Irish, Dutch and German—a bunch of stuff.

WCT: You have a big following in Europe.

KB: I know I did. I had three top 10 hits when I was a kid.

WCT: You started when you were really young correct?

KB: Yeah, I was signed when I was 12.

WCT: Well, now your career is a little more adult. The video for "Body Shots" is hot, with women licking all over you. How did you wind up working with Ludacris for the song?

KB: Basically, we wanted a rapper on the song, which fit the vibe. Ludacris is my favorite and very talented. Fortunately he wanted to do it. It was that simple.

WCT: I saw him in concert on the South Side of Chicago at a club. He has great energy.

KB: Oh yeah? I have never had the opportunity to see him live.

WCT: Do you have a favorite shot when you are at the club?

KB: It varies. I was drinking Johnny Vegas for a while. Do you know what that is?

WCT: No, tell me.

KB: Actually, I don't remember. I just really like it. It is something that you can share.

WCT: I will look it up. [Note: It's tequila, watermelon schnapps and Red Bull.] I have only heard some of the new album. How would you describe it?

KB: It just came out. It is full of upbeat pop anthems. I really like hooky big choruses. I like to get people into it and to have passionate songs. It's not only about "Body Shots" and beating up guys.

WCT: I was going to ask you if you are "Crazy Possessive" of your men.

KB: I don't think I am. I think it is more about trust and loyalty. Being around people that you genuinely trust and don't really have to worry if they have your back. Sometimes that is really hard to find. It is sad if you have to question your best friend. You would hope to never have to do that.

WCT: Sure. You studied kickboxing, right?

KB: I did, yes.

WCT: So you can protect yourself.

KB: The funny thing is I am a pretty passive person. My mom put me into Karate because kids were very aggressive of me when I was little. The boys would want to beat up on me and make fun of me. The girls became increasingly catty. Especially being in the entertainment industry then. When I would leave for a television show the teacher would talk about it and it would make the whole class worse towards. They were torturing me at school. My mom put me in karate so I could learn to defend myself.

WCT: I was a kid who was bullied and would have liked to learn self-defense more.

KB: I am glad she did but had to leave it for music. I had to leave school and home for music as well. When I came back to town I started studying kickboxing and fighting more. I would study three hours a day, six days a week. I became a trainer and it became more about fitness. I would like to get back into it because it has been a few years.

WCT: I thought that was how you stay in shape.

KB: There are various ways of staying in shape. I think it is about having a healthy balance and not having eating disorders, not binging or purging. When I focus on the healthy side it is better for me.

WCT: Now you are coming to Chicago.

KB: I love Chicago. Gosh, you guys have good food! Have you been to Sunda?

WCT: I just went there for sushi the other day.

KB: Did you? Oh my gosh; it is the best sushi I have ever had.

WCT: It will be fun to see you at Roscoe's.

KB: Oh, I love performing for the gay, lesbian and transgender community. They are so much fun and some of the sweetest best people.

WCT: Well, get some rest and I will see you at the club. Get well soon.

KB: Thank you so much. I appreciate it, and see you soon.

Interview by Jerry Nunn (www.nunnontherun.com)

Celebrate Fusion Radio Chicago's 7th Anniversary at Roscoe's Tavern, 3356 N. Halsted, with Kaci and the gang (including Erika Jayne and Wynter Gordon) singing Friday, Nov. 12. Visit www.roscoes.com and www.fusionchicago.com.


Interviewed by Windy City Times


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