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Jackie Warner

Jackie Warner interview with ChicagoPride.com

Tue. October 19, 2010  by Jerry Nunn

Jackie Warner
Jackie Warner first muscled her way into our hearts with the Work Out exercise reality show on Bravo TV. She returns with a new show Thintervention. We sat down for a quick Nunn on One chat as she was prepping to lead a work out for the National Psoriasis’s Foundation’s “Walk to Cure Psoriasis.”

JN: (Jerry Nunn) Good Morning, Jackie. How was the book signing yesterday?

JW: (Jackie Warner) The book signing was fantastic. I am going to tell you that is my element. You can see when I am onstage that I like the sound of my own voice. No (laughs) I like to talk about things that I am passionate about. I always do a Q&A. I give a little speech about food, nutrition and fitness.

JN: It was great to see you do the kickoff for the run today. That was great.

JW: Thank you.

JN: Is this the first time that you have been to Chicago?

JW: I was in actually in Chicago working with a promotion about a year and a half ago. I didn't get to the see the city because they had me working that night. This time I got to go to the aquarium and walk down Michigan Avenue. I did a little window shopping. I just love the city. I am a Midwestern girl.

JN: You are?

JW: Totally, I am from Ohio. Can you believe that I have never been to Chicago before last year? It is kind of embarrassing.

JN: No worries.

JW: I like the kind of Midwestern sweetness but with the big city feel here. I really do. I am going to New York tonight, one hundred percent different, because people on the streets of New York are very hardened. They just want to get you out of the way.

People here are actually smiling have direct eye contact which I am used to in LA. There is more of a sweet peaceful feeling.

JN: I watched Thintervention.

JW: Did you like it?

JN: I did.

JW: Thank you.

JN: I need to work out more myself.

JW: Good, I have a strong take away in this show so every episode you are going to get information.

JN: How was it producing?

JW: It is fantastic. I am still in the editing process. When I go home to LA, we are editing episodes seven and eight. I came up with the concept of the show. This has been eight or nine months going on from the fruition to the end. I love it. I am a control freak so I am in heaven.

JN: You talked about putting lemon in water I noticed.

JW: Simple tips. It adds ascorbic acid. A lot of studies are showing that about 500 milligrams of ascorbic acid is a tremendous liver detoxifier and can speed up your metabolism by 33 percent. It is huge and it burns 75 to 100 calories per day if you drink three liters of water. 3 liters is a lot but totally worth it if you add that lemon to it. This weight you are carrying around here you have a much better chance to decrease it.

JN: You said not to do too many sit ups because it pushing the stomach out.

JW: That's right. If you are not doing the other right things such as nutrition and also lifting with these big muscle groups like chest, back and quads, that is what you need to focus on for major fat burning. They are primary muscles and the more you have on the frame the much faster your metabolism goes. It is much better than a crunch.

JN: Also, only eat a handful of food.

JW: I say only a palm of food is a good rule of thumb. Portion control is the key. I always say you are not going to get fat from fruits and vegetables. I hate these Atkins diets that talk about fruit badly because it is so necessary. You have to increase your diet and eat certain foods such as oatmeal, which is a slow digestive carb and a great carb. You should be eating it everyday like I did this morning, along with two servings of fruit, three servings of vegetables, protein and good fat such as avocado.

JN: You have a Real Housewife of Orange County on your show.

JW: Jeana, and I have to tell you that Nikki was my toughest nut to crack but Jeana was number two. She was difficult because she didn't want to change her lifestyle. There is no magic pill or shortcut. This is hard work. It might mean that you can't go on the yacht, eat fried foods and drink champagne. Jeana didn't like that very much. (both laugh) She started calling me the grim reaper because part of the show is that I ambush people. It was so cute because the producers would be at there houses and trick them to say they were only shooting b roll. They never got a clue. There was complete shock on their faces every time I would show up. I would grab them and take them for a workout or cook them a meal. Nikki was hilarious because every time that I came to her house she had vodka in her coffee cup.

JN: I saw that on the first episode. She was smuggling it in.

JW: Yeah, she was totally doing it. So you will see a real change with Nikki. Those ambushes were a lot of fun.

JN: Do you think a person can work out too much?

JW: Of course, you can over train. Athletes do this all the time. They are on season then they off season. So they are training very intensely on season. I took a month a half off and lost a lot of musculature. I needed that rest. My body needed it. The person that is working and raising kids is not in the gym everyday doing heavy lifting.

JN: How does a person know when they are training too much?

JW: This is how you know if you are working out too much. You should have tons of energy. If you are working out to a degree that you are feeling chronically fatigued then that means you are usually over training.

JN: How is your gym?

JW: I sold it in November to focus on other projects. I was the lifeblood of that gym and it was completely dependent on me coming in six to eight hours a day. I just didn't have to the time to do that anymore.

JN: So now you are free.

JW: Well, I am free of the gym but I have a lot going on. I have DVDs coming out. I am promoting this show nonstop. We did so well on our first night. Bravo got the highest ratings on a Monday night than they have ever gotten. The crazy Jersey Housewives got nothing on my show. I am also working on Fit Into Your Skin which I do want to talk about.

JN: Tell me about it.

JW: The website is http://www.fitinyourskin.com. I helped create a fitness and wellness program for people living with psoriasis. You can get a free workout DVD with advice for psoriasis. I am really proud of my work with them.

JN: Excellent. Are you currently single?

JW: No, I am dating somebody. I am very happy. (both scream "Yay!")

JN: Keep it more on the down low this time…

JW: Oh my gosh, believe me she wants no part of any of this! We are keeping it very quiet.

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The finale of Thintervention is this Monday, Oct. 25.

Interviewed by Jerry Nunn. Jerry Nunn is a contributing writer to the GoPride Network. His work is also featured in Windy City Times, Nightspots Magazine and syndicated nationally.