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Brian Littrell

Brian Littrell interview with ChicagoPride.com

Wed. June 16, 2010  by Windy City Times

Brian Littrell
Seventeen years deep into their careers the Backstreet Boys have beaten the odds. As the only standing boy band in the post-New Kids On The Block era, the group has proven that there is life after teen hysteria. Windy City Times caught up with lead singer Brian Littrell to talk about closing doors, bridging the gap and making new memories.

WCT: (Windy City Times) Hey Brian, how are you?

BT: (Brian Littrell) I’m good.

WCT: The big news that you posted May 27 on your website, under the title, “Freedom,” is that you are no longer singing for Jive Records. What does freedom mean for the Backstreet Boys’ career moving forward?

BL: It’s simply continuing to move forward, to make new memories. A lot of people are stuck with what was of the Backstreet Boys a few years ago. And there’s a lot of songs to be sung, a lot of music to be made, a lot of shows and a lot of tours to come for us in the future. And I think the freedom that we have really is to be ourselves, to continue to make music that makes us happy first because as long as we’re happy with it and content with it then we can continue to share it with the world.

WCT: Did your contract with Jive expire or was it a mutual parting of the ways?

BL: Not to get into crazy, crazy detail but we have one more record to deliver to Jive but we were able to get out of that contract based upon giving them a certain territory where they can market the record, that being Japan. Japan is our number-one market, Japan and Southeast Asia. So they wanted to keep that market because of the money being made there. So it’s basically a win-win for them but it’s also a win-win for us in regards to really being able to cut our ties to focus on new memories and new goals that we can set as a group and as a band.

WCT: It’s only going to be released in Japan, right?

BL: We’re not sure. That’s an interesting question because there is talk about that being the same CD that comes out around the world as well. And what I mean by that is that they will own that CD in that particular territory, and have the right to it anywhere else internationally or in the U.S, Europe, Canada…places like that.

WCT: You guys are playing San Francisco Pride June 27. Why is it important for the Backstreet Boys to support the gay community?

BL: Well first off, it’s a huge thing. Many years ago these things used to be shunned and pushed aside, and I think that America is a country where you are free to make choices and do what you want with your life. The Backstreet Boys are in support of you choosing the lifestyle that you live and it’s no big deal and we are not here to condemn or to judge, we are just here to love and to support. We make music that works for gentlemen, for young ladies, for grandparents, for kids. We stand for the freedom of choice, the freedom to live the life that you want to live and that’s why we want to be there. We were asked to be the grand marshals and we thought that it was a wonderful opportunity for us, so why not?

WCT: None of the Backstreet Boys is gay but if any one of you were gay, would it be something you would have to hide either in this stage of your life or early in your career?

BL: I think it would be really hard to hide it, especially in today’s world with Twitter and technology and the Internet and cameras and the entertainment shows with people following you. And Backstreet Boys always say that honesty is the best policy. If you’re honest with yourself then you can be honest with everybody else that knows you. At this point in the stage of our career, it would be something strange if one of the Backstreet Boys were to come out and say that they were gay, but that’s not the case, I can assure you. [Laughs]

WCT: You guys are going to be playing at Highland Park in Illinois at the Ravinia June 17. What can fans expect from that show?

BL: Chicago has been amazing to us over the years and we’re just happy to be back in town. We’re doing 24 songs, we have four female dancers, we got a DJ onstage, and we have a beautiful light show. You’re going to hear all of the oldies but goodies, songs that the Backstreet Boys are known for including eight new songs off of the new record, This Is Us.

WCT: The Backstreet Boys have been together for 17 years and you’ve sold over 70 million records worldwide. Does the group have anything to prove in terms of record sales?

BL: If anything, just staying power, just longevity, I think a lot of the press and a lot of the people out there in the industry including radio, want to remember what was… versus knowing the Backstreet Boys for today and look at it in the future. Seventeen years is a long time and the accolades and the awards that we have achieved from sales to gold records to platinum records… they do speak for themselves. So there’s nothing really to prove there.

WCT: Brian, It has been an honor to talk to you and I thank you so much…

BL: Thank you!

BY TERRI-LYNNE WALDRON for the Windy City Times

The Backstreet Boys will be performing at Ravinia June 17. For ticket information visit www.ravinia.org.


Interviewed by Windy City Times