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Tony Genius

All smiles: Tony Genius finds pleasure in his work

Wed. May 24, 2023  by GoPride.com

I am here for your entertainment.
Tony Genius

tony genius

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A muscular athlete and adventure enthusiast, Tony Genius has a big heart and a big smile that he brings with him to every occasion.

Originally from Chicago, where he was a musical theatre major at Columbia College, Tony now calls Los Angeles home.  

The 32-year-old versatile actor admittedly loves showing off and is certainly making a name for himself in the industry. 

Tony returns to the Windy City over Memorial Day weekend to co-host the Grabby Awards Show on May 27 with Chi Chi LaRue, Honey West, and fellow star Drew Valentino. 

Fans will also have an opportunity to get up close and personal with the sexy actor when he hosts XXX Sunday Funday at Hydrate Nightclub - along with DJ Saint Devera - on May 28. 

“You will see a smile, a phat ass, and have an opportunity to come up and say hi,” Tony says of his upcoming appearance at Hydrate. “I am here for your entertainment.” 

GoPride.com recently had a chance to chat with Tony before his visit to Chicago.

GP: How did you first get into the industry?

TG: I was living in Atlanta at the time and was a full-time stripper in the Atlanta scene. I had friends who were porn performers and would constantly tell me I would make so much money. I eventually reached out to Howard at FABSCOUT and signed a contract to get things started. 

GP: How did you pick your onscreen name?

TG: I was Tony G. for the longest in the strip clubs of Atlanta. I knew I needed a clever, more genius full name if I was going to pursue a professional adult film career. G turned into Genius and the rest is history.  

GP: What was your first day on the set like?

TG: It was very chill, Austin Wolfe and Guys in Sweat Pants definitely made it very welcoming and easy to accomplish. My scene partner, Ty Santana, was sexy and experienced so it made things very easy for our on-screen chemistry. 

GP: What surprised you most about your first on-set experience?

TG: How much time it takes to make a 30-45 minute scene. It is really work, and the pleasure is the cherry on top of what we do. 

GP: Who has been your favorite co-star?

TG: Lane Colton is definitely one of my favorite co-stars. We had such a chemistry built up before we worked together on a CockyBoys shoot, so much pent-up sexual desire between us which translated so well on camera. We had been wanting to collab for a while and finally got the opportunity to be naked in a room together.

GP: Is there anyone you really want to work with on-screen?

TG: I really want to work with Roman Todd. I feel like we have both been working so hard this past year and have been wanting to get our brands together with a studio and make magic happen. Just waiting on the studio that is ready to break the internet. 

GP: On a scale of 1 to 10, how do you rate yourself as an adult star?

TG: I would humbly rate myself a solid 9. I see myself as a well-branded and marketed performer. I have the total package in my body, personality, sexuality, on-screen presence and fandom.             

GP: Is your sex life as hot as on screen?

TG: I would like to believe so. The same kind of energy I bring to the film is the same sexual energy I am bringing to the bedroom.

TG: I would humbly rate myself a solid 9. I see myself as a well-branded and marketed performer. I have the total package in body, personality, sexuality, on-screen presence, and fandom. 

GP: Alright, explain. What's the best asset you bring to a film... what makes you better than the other guys?

TG: I would have to say my ass. I can twerk so well, have lots of muscle control and I am a great power bottom. I am a former gymnast and stripper, I have a lot of flexibility and I know how to get what I want.

GP: The men of Chicago want to know, have you ever slept with a fan?

TG: I haven't slept with a fan before, but I am open to making that a possibility. I visit Chicago quite a bit since almost all of my family is here, including all of my immediate family. 

GP: What can fans expect when they visit you at Hydrate? 

TG: Expect a spectacle, catching an artist putting in the work. You will see a smile, a phat ass, and have an opportunity to come up and say hi. I am here for your entertainment.

GP: Where's the strangest place you've ever had sex?

TG: In the airport private family bathroom. 

GP: Single or taken?

TG: Taken, but available.

GP: Boxer or briefs?

TG: Briefs baby, I love them tight.

GP: Tell us something interesting or unknown about yourself.

TG: I work in film and television writing music and song cues. I go by a different alias for the music business. 

GP: What’s the best way to keep up with you?

TG: At tonygenius.com, where you will find every way to stay in touch.


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