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Ben Bakson

Is Chicago ready for Ben Bakson

Sat. May 21, 2022  by GoPride

I have never been, nor played in Chicago. All my DJ colleagues love to play at Hydrate.
Ben Bakson

DJ Ben Bakson is taking over the world. 

The Miami-based producer/DJ is on a worldwide tour, promoting "Ain't Moving On," his high-energy club track. 

"Ain't Moving On is the story of my life," Bakson recently told Q Magazine Australia. "When I fall for someone, I find it very hard to let go, even after the relationship ends. I've always been very selective of the people I spend my time with and when I connect with someone special, I can't imagine life without them."

Bakson was born and grew up in South Germany. At 18 years old, he moved to Berlin to study economics. It was then that he began dabbling in music production.

"It started as a hobby," he told Q Magazine

After finishing his studies in Berlin, Bakson fell in love with Zurich, where he lived before moving to Miami in 2021. 

Music has been a massive part of his journey. Bakson’s eclectic sounds and styles have been heard worldwide through his travel and tours.

Those travels came to a halt during the coronavirus pandemic, but Ben used that downtime to help the homeless. He streamed his sets live - free of charge - and asked fans to voluntarily donate to the Arrels Foundation.

As the world reopens, Bakson is back on tour and set to make his Chicago debut at Hydrate Nightclub on Saturday, May 22.

GP: How does it feel to begin to travel following the pandemic?

BB: It feels great to be back, now even stronger than before. 2022 is already now the busiest year of my career and I'm very grateful for that.

GP: Can you briefly tell us about your fundraising initiative during the pandemic?

BB: I made a live set on Instagram during the lockdown in Europe and raised around $1,000 USD for homeless people in Barcelona, who also lost their source of income. Tourists and people, in general, donated money.

GP: How excited are you to be making your debut at Hydrate Nightclub in Chicago?

BB: I am beyond excited. I have never been, nor played in Chicago. All my DJ colleagues love to play at Hydrate. So I am very excited.

GP: What can we expect from you this weekend at Hydrate?

BB: As it is an extra-long set, expect a musical journey from emotional melodic songs to high-energy tribal house tracks.

GP: How would you describe your sound?

BB: Happy, melodic, high energetic, clean.

GP: You have performed at many big parties, which was your favorite?

BB: Definitely Xlsior Festival in Mykonos. But, also I had several amazing events all around the world like in Sydney, many cities in Brazil, Chile and more. 

GP: Name one of your favorite dance tracks right now.

BB:  love “Queen” from Todrick Hall, and I am currently working to remix it.

GP: Now a quick round of personal questions. Single, married or dating?

BB: Happily single.

GP: What do you find most attractive in a man?

BB: Beautiful smile, masculinity, intelligence and humor.

GP: How do you spend your free time?

BB: Listening to music. With my friends, or dog, Macho. And sports. 

GP: Do you think being a sexy DJ is an advantage or a curse?

BB: Both, it makes the start of your career easier, but you have to prove your skills double after the first months.

GP: After Hydrate this weekend, what’s next for you?

BB: Thankfully a full schedule, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Greece, a lot of Pride Festivals in the US, Canada and Australia.

Bakson’s “Ain’t Moving On” featuring Caddy with Duncan James is available on Apple Music, Spotify and all digital platforms, along with its remixes by Dan Slater, Nina Flowers, Phil Romano, Lucas Franco, Eversend and Aurel Dev.  


Interviewed by GoPride