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Amy Shark

Singer Amy Shark talks about Love, Simon

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Half of my whole following are gays and lesbians.
Amy Shark

amy shark

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Amy Shark Embarks on a Tour

Singer Amy Shark was born and raise in Gold Coast, Queensland. She broke out with the single “Adore” and her album Love Monster debuted at number one on the ARIA chart. 

She recently collaborated with Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 on the song “Psycho.” 

She is currently in the Love Monster European Tour that covers Germany, France and Switzerland among others places. 

JN: (Jerry Nunn) So you grew up in Australia?

:#000000; font-weight:900;">AS: (Amy Shark) It’s my place. I am still based there. I live in a world where I am traveling. 

JN: Where did the Shark start?

:#000000; font-weight:900;">AS: The Shark started when I was eight and I watched Jaws. It was really horrific, but I was obsessed with it and sharks from then on. I wrote that down. It was really bold and big. It is what I want my music to be. 

JN: Is your latest album Love Monster a relationship album?

:#000000; font-weight:900;">AS: Yes, totally. It is an everything album, but is more about working in relationships. The whole idea of Love Monster is the good, the bad, the ugly and the real. It is about stuff that actually happens like love. 

JN: Are you in love?

:#000000; font-weight:900;">AS: Yes. I am in love. I am married so I hope so! There would be a big problem if I wasn’t. 

JN: When “Adore” blew up was it life changing?

:#000000; font-weight:900;">AS: Yes, it was. It changed everything. I had a job and a normal life, nine to five. Now I am doing what I love and what I think I’m supposed to be doing. 

JN: What was the job before?

:#000000; font-weight:900;">AS: I was a video editor. 

JN: Well, that is still creative. 

:#000000; font-weight:900;">AS: It was kind of cool. I liked my job. I am still very involved with cutting my videos. 

JN: I love your song “Sink In.” How was it being on the Love, Simon Soundtrack?

:#000000; font-weight:900;">AS: Huge. It was a big opportunity for me. I was really luck that Jack Antonoff got me involved. Julia Michaels wrote the song. That was the first time I had done anything like that. 

I listened to the song and it was straight from my heart as well. It is weird getting that feeling. I was more than happy to be involved. 

JN: Julia I met on a red carpet and Jack has always been a supporter of gay rights. 

:#000000; font-weight:900;">AS: Love, Simon was such a beautiful coming of age movie. We all wanted to be involved. 

JN: Did you cry watching the movie?

:#000000; font-weight:900;">AS: I did and I really loved the actors in it as well. I had seen them pop up in a few films. Katherine Langford is from Perth. 

JN: Would you like to perform at LGBT festivals?

:#000000; font-weight:900;">AS: I would totally be into that. Half of my whole following are gays and lesbians. 

JN: What do you want to tell people about yourself as an artist?

:#000000; font-weight:900;">AS: I wear my heart on my sleeve. If you listen close enough to my music you will learn a lot about me. I don’t hold back. I like to give my fans a lot. Come to my show and come onboard!

JN: Is this your first time in Chicago?

:#000000; font-weight:900;">AS: No, I did Lollapalooza last year as a punter. I didn’t perform. It is much better being backstage obviously. I got the bougie life now. I didn’t have any obligations before. It was amazing. 

JN: What are you doing until the end of the year?

:#000000; font-weight:900;">AS: I am going to tour my album. The Love Monster Tour will begin and I will bring that over here to you. 

JN: Will this be like the Gaga Monster Tour?

:#000000; font-weight:900;">AS: I didn’t even think of that! I hope I don’t get sued. I am Love Monster. It is different. Sorry, Gaga!

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