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Amy and Freddie

Amy and Freddie interview with ChicagoPride.com

Wed. December 5, 2007  by Bill Pritchard

Amy and Freddie
As the years go by, there is always something I can rely on; Amy and Freddy provide amazing entertainment! I speak of course about Cabaret Diva, Amy Armstrong and her ever faithful partner in crime, Freddy Allen! For years they’ve been singing and amusing us to bliss!

I met them in late 2001 and have never been the same. With their antics at the former Voltaire cabaret club on Halsted, to their raunchy bar tunes at Boystown’s own, Roscoe’s; Amy and Freddy have secured their fan base and continue to grow in popularity nationwide. With the introduction of Amy and Freddy to RSVP Cruises, they are now sailing the high seas singing songs about “Pussycats”, and “Boobs”. This is one “Old Friend” who is proud to know them and follow them wherever they perform.

With tours all over the world and the addition of Freddy’s husband, Lance; Amy & Freddy have never been so busy and blessed! In anticipation of their up coming show “How The Diva Stole Christmas 2” I talked to the comedic pair about the events of the last year.

BP: This year has been an exciting one for you both! What adventures have you had?

A&F: Lots of touring and cruises.

We ended our performing at Roscoe's and @mosphere so we could focus on our touring and shows in bigger venues.

We want to thank Roscoe's and @mosphere for four great years with them!

BP: Currently you don’t have a residence in Chicago, and yet you are busier than ever! Where are you performing these days?

A&F: We have been quite busy with shows in other states. We just did a huge HRC Event in Dallas, Texas. That was pretty cool. There were over 3000 people in attendance. We also just did two concerts in Minneapolis that were a lot of fun.

BP: Freddy, you got married recently to your partner Lance. Can you tell us how you like married life?

A&F: (Freddie) Married life is pretty awesome! I am truly blessed to have found my soul mate who has two beautiful children and a great family who accepts me and loves me like one of their own. I wish this for everyone. I just can't wait until unions are legalized in all of the states. Go Mrs. Clinton!

BP: Amy, you were featured in Advocate magazine a while back, with a wonderfully written piece about your life among the gays. How did you enjoy that experience?

A&F: (Amy) It was actually a bit overwhelming. I knew I was an entertainer, I just never thought I would be a published writer. I wrote from my heart, and I thank Anne Stockwell, the editor, for that chance.

BP: You two are about to perform your holiday show “How the Diva Stole Christmas 2” at Chicago’s Lakeshore Theater. Can you tell us about the show?

A&F: (Amy) It is an eclectic mix of holiday cheer and bawdy christmas fun. Bring your friends and family, it's a great gift for them!

(Freddy) As always, it will be the most entertaining and different holiday review that anyone will see this time of year.

You just can't go wrong when Amy sings a song about Santa farting on her lap, or brings new life (in her own fabulous way) to favorite Christmas tunes.

BP: Any chance you will be doing another album soon?

A&F: (Amy) Wow, I hope to be working on one in 2008. I was happy when our first cd came out, and now we are on number five.

(Freddy) We are hoping to produce a new album next year with mostly original songs.

It will be an eclectic mix of funny and serious tunes.

BP: Where to next for Amy & Freddy in the New Year?

A&F: Our manager has booked us in some really great places already. Including (but not limited to) a gay ski weekend in Stowe and a fabulous night at Pineapple Point in Ft. Lauderdale. Of course, we will be on the high seas with RSVP Cruises too!

BP: You’ve got such a loyal fan base in Chicago. Is there a way that your hometown fans can keep in touch with you??

A&F: Sign up on our mailing list at www.amyfreddy.com. We are planning on performing one weekend a month at a theater here in Chicago. Keep checking the website!

Interviewed by Bill Pritchard


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